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  • It is a much needed innovation. It is relatively easy to use and the features are worth the while. I use it daily and after a few small tinkerings it can become the best tool on the market in the debugging department.

  • excellent job mrexodia Keep developing bro

  • GOOD job. Excellent.

  • I had nice experience to use this debugger. Assume it is free and open source, it is excellent and rich of features including searching the assembler commands (that I used a lot).

  • I like the Graph view in IDA. I wish there is a broader view(Graph view) in x32dbg as in IDA. I like to see the ability to search in graph view (for comments , breakpoints, etc..). I know you can highlight as many lines in assembly and see them in graph view but it dosent give you the broad picture as in IDA(graph view-proximity view). Could that be developed further and add this functionalities ? Thanks.

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  • I'll just rate the description. Seems like rocket science. you'd have to know a lot of the innards of Windows. Some usage examples would be interesting: How something simple was debugged. So the debugger, which seems excellent would have to come with a user forum, preferably with a real moderator that cleans out the crap. hen if would be REALL useful.

  • Excellent project with a comprehensive list of features, plugins and ongoing development and community support

  • good job thank you

  • Very well thank you very much!

  • Very fine but buggy: if breakpoint is edited like this Break condition: $breakpointcounter==100 HitCount = 0 When Shift-F9 is activated the program is paused with HitCount=256. So, the hit count does not match the breakpointcounter.

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    Reply from x64dbg

    Posted 2019-01-20
    As you can find in the manual all numbers are interpreted by hex per default. You can append a dot (like ".100") to make the numbers be evaluated as decimal. See
  • Really Excellent! thanks guys.

  • When it started it was not up to the mark(not as good as olly was for 32 bit apps) but now its functionality has been greatly enhanced. I love this debugger.

  • Best debugger I have used so far, interface is cleaner then olly.

  • Excellent debugger with an user-friendly GUI and easy features access and so on.

  • best now

  • really great debugger, looks like is doing better than ollydbg

  • Very impressive work. Well done and it has worked flawlessly for me so far.

  • Thank you for such a wonderful project