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Compare the Top Construction Management Software for 2019

Compare the best Construction Management Software currently available using the table below.

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    ShareMyToolbox Icon



    ShareMyToolbox is a tool tracking solution that enables companies to track individuals who are responsible for tools and small equipment. Mobile users are able to search the company tool inventory, request tools and accept tool assignments with Apple or Android devices such as phones or tablets. Built for contractors, the system was designed to be extremely easy to use. Field personnel can take responsibility for tools and transfer that responsibility along with the tool as needed.

    Starting Price: $50.00/month Partner badge
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    STACK Icon


    Stack Construction Technologies

    Integrated takeoff and estimating software designed for any project and any trade. If you want to add hours back to your day, eliminate costly estimating mistakes and say goodbye to paper plans, you’ve come to the right place. STACK powers a more collaborative, efficient takeoff and estimating process so you can focus on what’s most important – your bottom line. Create a free account today!

    Starting Price: $0
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    Contractor WorkZone Icon

    Contractor WorkZone


    Run your back office from your front seat. Manage your business on site, take the work out of paperwork and get jobs done sooner. Save time and money with our construction management app tool. We take standard construction document processes and digitize them for easier access and organization. Items such as quotes and estimates, purchase orders, site diaries, daily reports, change orders, invoices and more are all now easily attached and accessible from one project link. Download and use completely free at our solo level as long as you want, with unlimited projects and documents for one device. If you’re ready to upgrade for additional features, try any of the paid subscription levels free for 2 weeks. If you're nervous about trying new technology or worry about introducing a new process we've got you covered. Try Contractor WorkZone - A simple, customizable project management and construction app to manage your small business from your phone, tablet or computer.

    Starting Price: 0
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    Projul Icon


    Projul, Construction Project Management

    Projul is a construction project management solution built specifically for your small to medium-sized company that simplifies business and fuels your growth. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and complicated scheduling software. With Projul’s easy to use CRM, innovative scheduling, task management and messaging, your contractors, subcontractors, and office team all stay synchronized.

    Starting Price: $99/month Partner badge
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    Estimator by SharpeSoft Icon

    Estimator by SharpeSoft


    Built by an estimator, SharpeSoft Estimator is a fully comprehensive software that allows for a more efficient abd quicker job-winning bids. Ideal for civil, utility, heavy/highway, grading, excavating, paving, and pipeline contractors, SharpeSoft Estimator offers advanced features such as Item Master, Subcontractor Comparison, Materials Comparison, Grouped Items, Trench Profiler, Haul Calculations, What-if Scenarios, Batch Reports, and more.

    Starting Price: Contact SharpeSoft
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    Kizeo Forms Icon

    Kizeo Forms


    Kizeo Forms contains two elements the Form builder and the mobile application. Collect data from any location and control the flow of information between your teams, customers, suppliers etc. Customize your forms and your app to meet your needs! Attach personalized reports and send emails based on the data entered on your forms. Save time, money and improve workforce efficiency! Our customers save 2 hours per day and have seen a 30% increase in workforce productivity!

    Starting Price: $9.90/month/user Partner badge
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    GoCodes Asset Management Icon

    GoCodes Asset Management


    GoCodes provides a total IT asset management solution that includes everything IT teams need to securely GPS track and manage their equipment on-the-go. Our solution includes powerful and secure cloud-based software, mobile scanner apps and patented QR code labels. So you're up and running fast! Just scan the patented QR code label to create field service requests, update asset information & assign equipment to users.

    Starting Price: $300/year
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    Cosential Icon



    Cosential helps commercial Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms grow revenue, decrease costs of winning new business and end chaos with its “Growth and Relationship Management” software and services for CRM, proposal management, marketing and more. As the leader in the AEC industry, for 20+ years Cosential has helped over 1,000 AEC firms increase annual revenue by 1% or more and increase productivity in key business development processes by up to 50%. See a 30-minute demo.

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    Traqspera Icon



    Traqspera is a cloud-based construction management software for contractors who want to save time for their construction projects. Traqspera has key features that include asset management, training and certification management, time and billing, and safety management. Traqspera features real-time job reports and analytics for contractors to use in monitoring their projects. Accessible anywhere, Traqspera can be accessed in the office, on site, or on the side of the road with all of the information contractors need.

    Starting Price: $100/month
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    Followup CRM Icon

    Followup CRM

    Followup CRM

    Followup CRM is a simple sales and project management CRM built for construction companies that will give you visibility into your team’s activity, allow you to report your progress internally, and open up channels for transparent collaboration across teams. In other words, exactly what you need to take the next step as a successful business. Convert won opportunities to projects seamlessly without losing any data. Track milestones, manage processes, and integrate with external systems to ensure on-time delivery and happy customers. As every business knows, winning a client is only the beginning. Keeping everyone involved aligned in delivering the product or service, is the most important part of any customer relationships.

    Starting Price: $55/user/month
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    BuildingConnected Icon



    The best builders choose us to make preconstruction easy. We make communication ridiculously easy. More builders choose us to send invitations to bid, qualify vendors, and track opportunities than any other software solution. Easily find and qualify subs, send custom bid invites, and communicate with everyone. Keep track of your bid invites, stay ahead of deadlines, and measure your success. Leverage the largest network of builders, view historical costs, and get real-time analytics.

    Starting Price: $3600.00/year
  • 12
    ThermoGRID Icon


    DXV Technology

    ThermoGRID is built specifically for HVAC Companies. Become more efficient, accurate, and profitable with: scheduling, dispatching, client history vault, inventory, agreements, load calc, marketing, payroll, invoicing, estimates and more. ThermoGRID is your ticket to reaching heights you never knew were possible. Get a free demo now!

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    iAuditor Icon



    iAuditor by SafetyCulture is a cloud-based software solution for the Safety Auditing sector. Their compliance-ready platform offers a wide-range of features designed to help companies achieve safer and higher quality workplaces through the use of in-app Smart Forms, Inspection Checklists, Workflow Designs, and the Reporting & Analytic dashboard.

    Starting Price: $9.00/month/user
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    DIGI CLIP mobile forms Icon

    DIGI CLIP mobile forms

    Safety Tracker Pty Ltd t/a DIGI CLIP mobile forms

    DIGI CLIP is a checklists and inspection app and software solution. DIGI CLIP allows field workers, transport operators and other employees to complete, communicate and archive checklists and inspections on a phone or tablet. DIGI CLIP will automate the workflow of a fault or defect from initial identification to close-out via the DIGI CLIP Action Register. DIGI CLIP was built to save time and money when reporting on vehicles, equipment, facilities and safety by digitising and automating pre-start checklists, inspections, checklists and audits. Checklists and inspections can be added from the DIGI CLIP Form Library or started from scratch. All forms are fully editable. DIGI CLIP will automatically archive submitted checklists, inspections and other forms in the cloud-based software. The cloud-based software has full search functionality. DIGI CLIP is a SaaS application that is easy to set up and even easier to use. DIGI CLIP is up and running in minutes, not hours or days!

    Starting Price: $2.50 user/month
  • 15



    CHEQROOMS makes equipment management easy: equipment booking, tracking & accountability. - Cloud-based - no installation or infrastructure needed. - Easy to use - minimal training - Data is always up-to-date & accessible from any device. - Check-in and check-out with QR code or barcode scanning - Calendar sync for flawless gear planning - Advanced reporting feature: financial info (warranty, depreciation), user info (know who is using what) - Automatic notification for past due equipment

    Starting Price: $55.00/month
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    JSEAsy Icon



    JSEAsy provides Workplace safety solutions. The JSEAsy Premium software is a total Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) management solution. Safety software at its best! All your safety requirements in one location. The software is fully adaptive to suit and comply with your region! •Australia •Canada •New Zealand •United Kingdom •United States of America Workplace health and Safety (WHS) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Health and Safety at work (HSW) TotalTrack Pty Ltd is focused on continuous improvement. Perpetual development and support form the basis of our company. While no-one plans to get hurt at work, you can plan to not get hurt. The JSEAsy software is available with single, multiuser, or Premium licences.

    Starting Price: $160.00/year/user
  • 17
    Edificius Icon


    ACCA Software

    ACCA Software is a Italy software company that was founded in 1989, and offers a software title called Edificius. Edificius offers training via live online. Edificius offers a free version. Edificius is BIM software, and includes features such as 2d drawing, 3d modeling, document management, and scheduling. With regards to system requirements, Edificius is available as Windows software. Costs start at $0.01/year/user. Edificius includes business hours support. Some alternative products to Edificius include VisualAnalysis, Vectorworks Architect, and FASTTAC.

    Starting Price: $0.01/year/user
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    Wenduct and Wenpipe  Icon

    Wenduct and Wenpipe

    Wendes Systems

    Wenduct and Wenpipe, construction estimating and digital takeoff systems, enables contractors to seamlessly work on HVAC sheet metal, industrial ventilation, process piping projects and mechanical piping. Wenduct and Wenpipe has features like digital drawings, 2D takeoff, conversion calculator, CAD file integration and more. Wenduct and Wenpipe enables users to estimate industrial ventilation and more with Excel integration, visual assemblies, and more.

    Starting Price: $3,500.00
  • 19
    Builder Prime Icon

    Builder Prime

    Builder Prime

    Builder Prime, a customer and project management solution, assists contractors to save time, earn more money, and win more jobs. Contractors can manage their leads and all of their interactions with Builder Prime's Customer Relationship Management feature. Builder Prime enables contractors to monitor and track all of their projects from anywhere and any device with the Project Management feature. Clients can also access Builder Prime via the Client Console feature for eSigning of contracts, viewing and paying of invoices, and submitting new work requests.

    Starting Price: $149.00/month
  • 20
    Vital InSite Icon

    Vital InSite


    PM Vitals is an innovative, turnkey project management and collaboration platform. Sleek, responsive, and modular design, PM Vitals keeps you on schedule and in control while ensuring your system fits with your company or project. What makes PM Vitals stand out is its scalability, uniform tools and reporting, and multi-project visibility. The key features of PM Vitals include a scheduler (GANTT), document manager, change manager, punch lists, meeting and task manager, progress tracker, daily logs, timesheets, and more.

    Starting Price: $3000.00/year
  • 21
    Active Takeoff Icon

    Active Takeoff

    Quoter Software

    Active Takeoff is robust, on-premises takeoff and cost estimating software for the construction industry. Offering standalone estimating and takeoff applications, Active Takeoff helps design firms, construction managers, real-estate developers, and finishing contractors significantly boost the productivity of their takeoff projects by seamlessly managing the cost estimating process. Featuring a simple, elegant user interface, Active Takeoff provides Excel integration, conversion calculator, on-screen takeoff, automatic scaling, 2D takeoff capabilities, and more.

    Starting Price: $698.00/one-time/user
  • 22
    Smartsheet Icon


    Smartsheet is an award-winning work management and collaboration platform built to help teams have less talk and more action. With Smartsheet, organizations have access to a powerful platfom that enables them to opem more doors for new ideas, customers, and revenue. Featuring a spreadsheet- like interface, Smartsheet offers tools such as file sharing, Gantt charts, work automation, portals, dashboards, and so much more.

    Starting Price: $14.00/month/user
  • 23
    Buildertrend Icon



    Buildertrend is a Project Management software, which is designed to work remote. Whether you complete a few or hundreds of projects per year, Buildertrend keeps everyone connected. Users can enter new projects, share projected schedule timelines, create change orders, and customers can be looped into any changes you want to keep the informed of. Bring your whole operations under one easy-to-use platform and keep your customers exceedingly happy.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
  • 24
    Knowify Icon



    Knowify is a robust job costing and project management software designed for commercial subcontractors and residential remodelers. Accessible always and from anywhere, Knowify helps increase construction efficiency by offering a wide range of tools covering job costing and estimating, bids, contracts, service work, time tracking and scheduling. Know and grow your business with Knowify.

    Starting Price: $54.00/month
  • 25
    Corecon Icon


    Corecon Technologies

    Corecon’s cloud based software suite helps engineering and construction firms manage their projects more efficiently. The software helps people with different roles and responsibilities work together regardless if they are at the office or jobsite. The software suite includes modules for estimating, vendor bid management, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, correspondence, documentation, and scheduling. Being cloud based, contracting firms will have the ability to access their project information anytime anywhere and make quick and informed decisions. With its built-in wizards that automate complex tasks or comprehensive executive dashboards to analyze project budgets, Corecon provides cutting-edge technology to maximize the profitability of one’s projects and make all departments work more efficiently.

    Starting Price: $10-20/user/month
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An Introduction to Construction Management Software?

Construction management is a complicated industry, and that's in large part due to how decentralized it is. Coordinating operations between material suppliers across the country or across the world, managers at the office, and construction foreman on the ground can be logistically difficult, and there are any number of variables that could change the parameters of a project in a moment. These complications become even more magnified the larger a construction company becomes.

Due to the convergence of factors involved in the construction industry, it's one of the fields best poised to benefit from the current software revolution. Cloud-based solutions provide staff at every level of operations with the data they need when they need it, and construction management software is the primary tool leading the charge. This type of software is a unified platform that consolidates all the tools that a construction company needs under one roof. From comparing quotes from specialty providers to managing time sheets and work orders to sharing changes to blueprints and operations to the whole team, a quality construction management solution can serve as a nerve center for construction companies of any size and reduce the risk of redundancies and unnecessary spending in the process.

The Benefits of Construction Management Software

The features that make up a construction management platform are plentiful, but the main advantages that these solutions can be split up into two major boons.

The most immediate and tangible benefit is that it allows your company to earn more bids. The construction industry is highly competitive, and a company that can provide the most affordable bids in the least amount of time without losing money in the process are the likeliest to succeed. Management software can evaluate a blueprint and create a highly accurate estimate. That's an impressive feat given the complexities of developing an estimate and the variance in costs. While it's nearly impossible to create a perfectly accurate estimate for a large project, these software platforms can provide you with the closest figure. That's because it pulls from your company's internal databases to produce the results.

Just as important is the ability to create a paper trail for your operations. Improperly tracked expenditures can cause a company to hemorrhage money, but the auditing services you'll find in construction management software provide you with the means to keep a finger on your company's pulse. It takes data as broad in function as blueprints, contracts, RFIs, and punch lists and consolidates them into a single, searchable database readily accessible to the people that need it.

Features Specific to Construction Management Software

There are a number of business management software platforms on the market, but the construction industry comes with its own unique quirks. Construction management software distinguishes itself from these more generic platforms by offering targeted services to industry professionals.

Tracking and Managing Documents

Construction is a complicated enough field that it typically requires coordination between multiple companies. Navigating these sorts of relationships can be a complicated affair, and that's why it's important to have an organized and organic system for sharing information. A construction management platform can make these sorts of interactions far easier. The ability to digitize all of your documents is an advantage in and of itself. Staff no longer has to dig through piles of paperwork to find the data they need, and traditional fax machines can be tossed in the trash. Cloud-based solutions are becoming prevalent and allow information to be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

While the precise information any professional needs will vary according to their role in a project, most project management software is comprehensive in the sort of documents it can manage. That means that everyone can access the information they need with a low barrier to entry. Any software you integrate into your business should provide support for purchase orders, change orders, and requests for information to ensure that a project's financial bottom line is properly tracked. Helping further is the inclusion of drawing sets, contracts, and submittals. Photos are also a practical necessity, since they allow everyone to see what the situation looks like on the ground and share proofs of concept.

The amount of data that needs to be stored for construction projects are vast, and a chief benefit of this type of software is that it provides users with meaningful, and sometimes limitless, cloud storage. And the permission settings inherent in the software means that managers can segregate knowledge on a need to know basis.

Bid Management and Submittals

Businesses without construction management software often rely on traditional email platforms to track bids. It's far from the most efficient option available. Comparing bids means weighing a lot of information according to a variety of metrics, and that can be a chore even when using the most organized inbox.

There's no one standard for how these types of software platforms organized bids and proposals, nor should there be. The wide variety of different companies in the industry and the practical demands therein mean that there's not a singular solution that works for everyone. This is a situation where the wealth of software options is a benefit. You'll want to carefully assess the sort of solutions that you need in terms of managing bids and submittals and narrow the results down to the one that accommodates the specific needs of your company.

Job Site Logs

Tracking the big picture spending of your business in the office is one big part of running a construction company, but just as much oversight is required for the ground level activities. Whether you're managing one construction site or many, the right software platform can make sure that everything is continuing according to plan. At its most basic level, that can mean keeping track of what work got done every day, helping planners account for complications and adjust budgets and timelines accordingly. But these logs offer far more robust options than just work tracking alone. Materials and tools can also be tracked to reduce waste, eliminate the need for unnecessary trips to warehouses, and prevent redundancies on site. It also lets you more accurately move equipment from site to site as needed.

As with bid management, the actual form that these features take can vary depending on the platform. More basic systems make use of blank documents that can be uploaded to the database, while more complex options are available in the form of interactive checklists or templates. Some of these logs even include check-in functions that can essentially serve as a virtual time card interface. While this may not be necessary for every business, it's a great option for keeping labor costs in check.


Log features often provide check-in systems, but a quality platform will typically include a robust and detailed standalone scheduling system as well. Scheduling is the heart of any successful project, as a well run schedule can keep labor costs low and projects timely.

If a scheduling system is a necessity for your company, the amount of customization can be a good barometer for the quality of the program. Many modern programs allow you to build your own schedules from scratch, personalized to the parameters of the project, and these can then be reused as templates for future projects. It's important to think about the long term convenience here and consider the value these sorts of features will offer over the course or months or years.

This sort of scheduling solution is dynamic and adaptable. Scheduling changes can be sent to all relevant staff members using the sort of automated notifications built into these platforms, and many include milestones and deadlines so you can make adjustments to keep a project on track. Most scheduling platforms make use of Gantt charts, a methodology that's well suited to the complicated and codependent interrelated schedules of a construction project. And the ability to highlight dependent work allows you to pinpoint problematic contractors and highlight those worth working with again.

Making Estimates

Making an estimate can be difficult. Overestimating the money you need could quickly cost you a contract, but underestimating it could cost your business financially. Estimating software takes a number of different metrics into account to provide a more accurate assessment in less time. While these sorts of features are present in most construction management platforms, there are also a number of standalone options available. Many of these, such as the one offered by Sage 300, have native configuration with more broad-based management platforms.

General Project Management Features

The construction industry necessitates some very specialized features, but there are a number of standard functions in project management software that can benefit anyone in the business.

Mobile Access

The increased reliance on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for project management is a great advantage for the construction industry. Since foremen and workers are often moving site to site, the ability to manage the necessary information from anywhere is a practical necessity. This typically comes in the form of a web portal that can be reached from practically any device.


Another feature to look for is native integration with third party apps. Email clients like Hotmail and Gmail are common, as are storage platforms like OneDrive. These allow you to share files more readily and upload bids or contracts sent from email directly to the management database. Integration is crucial if you're using a patchwork of different platforms rather than an all-in-one holistic solution. If you're not sure what you need right away, you may want to check out modular platforms that allow you to choose only the features you need and upgrade at a later date.


Collaboration options can vary significantly depending on the platform. This could be as simple as submitting bid requests and tracking responses or as complicated as giving stakeholders access to portals limited by permission levels. The best collaboration features overlap with mobile access.

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