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    CharityTracker Icon


    Simon Solutions

    CharityTracker by Simon Solutions is an easy-to-use web-based collaboration software that makes client tracking simple. Perfect for human services and social services organizations, CharityTracker allows organizations within a community to communicate in real time and track client records. It comes with a host of features that enables organizations to gather and report data for resource development, strategic planning, measuring outcomes, reducing duplication and disaster relief.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month/user
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    Phone2Action Icon



    Phone2Action is a comprehensive digital engagement and communications platform for grassroots advocacy, public affairs, and government relations. Our innovative, user-friendly tools make government participation accessible in the digital age. The world’s leading nonprofits, associations, and companies have used our software to build their advocacy programs and support their public policy goals since 2013. To date, our clients have created more than 22,000 grassroots advocacy campaigns that have driven more than 45 million connections with lawmakers. Our platform includes solutions for grassroots advocacy, strategic communications, and stakeholder management.

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    eWorkOrders CMMS Icon

    eWorkOrders CMMS

    Information Professionals, Inc.

    Highest rated, easy to use, affordable and powerful, web-based CMMS! Easily manage & report on your daily operations and plan for future requirements. Manage Work Orders, PMs, Assets, Inventory, Employees, Predictive Maintenance, Documentation, Scheduling & Service Requests. No software to install, no hardware to purchase, access eWorkOrders anytime, anywhere. Upgrades & tech support are included. Be up and running in a day! Find out why we are consistently the highest rated! Request a Free Demo Now -

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    Wastebits Icon



    One Place to Collaborate and Keep Your Customers Happy: Wastebits is your facility's central, online location for managing and monitoring your customers' waste streams. Customers can securely fill out and submit profiles online, saving your facility time, money, and administrative headaches. Digital Non-Haz Manifests & EPA e-Manifest Compliance: Simplify your workflows for haz or non-haz manifests. With shared access, say goodbye to overnighting physical documents. Wastebits ensures full EPA compliance while saving money over their standard fees. Custom Integrations and Stand-Alone Solutions for Scalehouse Operators: Whether you are looking to tie in your own scalehouse software or need a built-in scale ticket solution, Wastebits can provide the tools to organize your weighing records, simplify the scale operator's job, and eliminate costly errors.

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    eMaint CMMS Icon

    eMaint CMMS

    eMaint CMMS - A Fluke Solution

    eMaint is an award-winning, cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software designed to improve how organizations manage their maintenance reliability operations, resources, equipment, and compliance. Suitable for any size organization or enterprise, eMaint saves companies valuable time and money by integrating the tools they need in one powerful platform. It covers work order management, maintenance scheduling, reports and dashboards, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, mobile maintenance, inventory management, and asset management.

    Starting Price: $33.00/month/user
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    MyHub Intranet Software Icon

    MyHub Intranet Software

    MyHub Intranet Solutions

    MyHub is a revolutionary cloud-based intranet solution that provides business various manuals and tools to streamline workflow. Built to be mobile, MyHub offers users the ability to connect and collaborate with entire teams or just a couple of members. With a combo of in-app options to have email, social media, and the tools needed to be efficient, projects move smoother through any processes you design. Admins can give their users the ability to Manage Content, a Discussion Board, File-Cloud-Sharing, and more.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
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    Utilibill Icon



    Utilibill provides Enterprise grade Utility Billing and CIS - Cloud native. We provide toolkits for utilities to transition autonomously and also have a solid partner network that can complete complete project lifecycle. We bill electricity, Gas, Water, Re-water, Air conditioning, Broadband and more. Market connectivity includes; AEMO, NEMO, Telstra Wholesale, AAPT, Vocus, OPTUS and more. Our team of over 60 are located in Victoria, California, Santa Monica and Arkansas. provide; Billing , CIS, Customer Portal, Invoice Designer, Automated billing and reminders, Hardship, Concessions, Penalties, Web Services, and a number of banks and 3rd party integrations. We provide access to our platforms for a free 30 day trial and you should get yours now.

    Starting Price: $1,000.00/month
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    Asset Essentials Icon

    Asset Essentials

    Dude Solutions

    Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance solution developed for daily and advanced maintenance operations management. With our software, users can initiate, assign and track the progress of maintenance work orders; manage assets and equipment; develop advanced workflows with preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling; utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology for predictive maintenance (PdM); and manage inventory. In addition, Asset Essentials has functionality for document management, reporting and mobile capabilities.

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    Stratics Networks Icon

    Stratics Networks

    Stratics Networks

    Stratics Networks is a software company based in the United States that was founded in 2009 and offers a software product called Stratics Networks. Pricing starts at $99.00/user. Stratics Networks offers training via documentation, webinars, and live online. Stratics Networks is political campaign software, and includes features such as campaign analysis, contact management, donor targeting, fundraising management, staff management, volunteer management, and voter database. Stratics Networks offers online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Stratics Networks offers a free version, and free trial. Stratics Networks is available as SaaS, Android, and iOS software. Some alternative products to Stratics Networks include Trail Blazer, Integrated Solutions Political, and Ecanvasser.

    Starting Price: $99.00/user
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    Districtor Icon



    Turn contacts into advocates with Districtor, a political campaign solution. Districtor enables users to increase engagement by putting actionable contact information. Districtor features synchronized and real-time data. Districtor supports the MailChimp email service and enhances its contacts to include voting districts.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month
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    Fire eSchedule Icon

    Fire eSchedule


    Fire eSchedule is a powerful and easy-to-use workforce managment software solution for fire departments. With Fire eSchedule, firefighters are able to keep track of their schedules and/or time off, trade/swap shifts, and view their time cards, online and at any time. The solution features the industry's most powerful and customizable time clock and other important features including certification & CME tracking, online forms, group messaging, fleet maintenance, equipment tracking, and more.

    Starting Price: $75.00/month
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    Trash Flow Icon

    Trash Flow

    Ivy Computer

    Trash Flow by Ivy Computer is the leading software solution for commercial, residential, roll-off, and landfill operations. Featuring a modular design, Trash Flow offers a host of capabilities for electronic billing, dispatching, routing, container tracking, in-truck mobile apps, scale house management, and more. With Trask Flow, you can cost-efficiently manage your waste hauling business!

    Starting Price: $599.00/one-time
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    Dossier Fleet Maintenance Icon

    Dossier Fleet Maintenance

    Dossier Systems

    Dossier Fleet Maintenance insists that it does not matter what kind of fleet you operate, however, what does matter is getting the most from your assets in today’s economy is a must. Whether your ultimate goal is to maximize profitability and productivity, or minimize cost and waste, you need the right information, presented in actionable reports. This is what Dossier does and more, with the use of the most elegant maintenance tool in existence. Some of the features of the platform include Daily Reminders, Report Automation, Software Integrations, Scalable Deployment, Professional Implementation, and Predictive Scheduling & Maintenance management.

    Starting Price: $1500.00/one-time/user
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    Trail Blazer Icon

    Trail Blazer

    Trail Blazer Campaign Services

    Trail Blazer is an elite Data Management software for the Political Campaigning sector. Equipped with encrypted features that allow users to track and manage Voter Lists, Contributions, Events, Calendars and more, Trail Blazer keeps teams unified to give them the leverage over their opponents. The platform also provides a multi-integration with popular calendar apps and website hosts, to help provide a broad outlook of how and when supporters engage.

    Starting Price: $100.00/month
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    Permit-LV Icon



    Permit-LV is a building permit management software developed by WindoWare Inc. Suitable for smaller localities that issue 200-5000 permits a year, Permit-LV automates permitting and inspection records to save cost and increase efficiency. The software also makes it easy for localities to track applications and approvals for all types of permits, calculate permit feed based on fee schedules, print or reprint permits, print inspection tickets, and more.

    Starting Price: $2999.00/one-time
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    Multirater Surveys Icon

    Multirater Surveys

    Multirater Surveys

    MultiRater Surveys is a customizable online unlimited usage, subscription based people analytics platform, designed to help businesses increase their leadership capability and maximize their people capital investment. With MultiRater Surveys, management teams can easily create and implement: - 180 Degree Performance Reviews - 360 Degree Leadership Development Surveys - Employee Feedback/Engagement Surveys - Customer Pulse Surveys Sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial today (no payment details required)

    Starting Price: $110.00/month
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    TheraNest Mental Health Icon

    TheraNest Mental Health


    TheraNest is a HIPAA compliant web-based mental health solution used by private practitioners, large health providers, and nonprofit organizations. The intuitive platform provides Billing features that include PQRS, claims & ERA/EOB, superbills, credit card service, batch invoice/claims. Sync with Google/iCal. Voice, text, email reminders. As well as reports for Payroll, Staff Billing, etc. Unlimited document storage, unlimited support.

    Starting Price: $38.00/month
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    Ecanvasser Icon



    Ecanvasser is a full-featured voter management and canvassing solution for advocacy groups and political campaigns. With Ecanvasser's mobile data collection and dynamic dashboard, campaign teams can build surveys, track casework, and more. Ecanvasser features an automatic sync functionality that syncs all data between devices. Ecanvasser also allows users to upload voter data to a tablet or smartphone.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
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    Waste Management Software Icon

    Waste Management Software


    The Enablon Waste Management solution provides companies with a management tool to manage their environmental and social waste, minimizing risk and improving profitability. Enablon offers a complete platform in the industry, No need to worry about complying with hazardous waste regulations, handling, transportation, and disposal. Enablon provides consistent reporting for all waste generated across the organization. Enablon simplifies all waste management for your business.

    Starting Price: $100000.00/one-time
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    WiseTrack Software Icon

    WiseTrack Software

    WiseTrack Software

    Track Assets, Equipment & Inventory using easy-to-configure software for Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps for Asset Management. See all the proven and best practice industry solutions built with WiseTrack

    Starting Price: $150
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    Integrated Solutions Political Icon

    Integrated Solutions Political

    Integrated Solutions Political

    Integrated Solutions Political (ISP) or ISPotical is a comprehensive, user-friendly political campaign software. Simple and powerful, this fundraising tool allows you to send an email blast, create call sheets, track pledges, and manage data efficiently. Equipped with revolutionary features like Solarized, ISPolitical helps improve the user experience by preventing eye-strain and reducing painful headaches.

    Starting Price: $39.99/month
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    ClientTrax Icon



    ClientTrax is a reliable service management software solution developed by ASIware, a leading software development company headquartered in Ohio. Intuitive and easy to configure, ClientTrax enables both public and private agencies to monitor, manage, and report crucial information for a wide range of human services. ClientTrax's smart user interface gives users the ability to control business workflows efficiently while its cutting-edge Workflow Engine allows for a seamless creation of automatic emails, notifications, reports, and other tasks. Key features include case, document, and task management, reporting and statistics, billing and invoicing, treatment or service plans, electronic signature, and more.

    Starting Price: $400.00/month
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    Clear Impact Scorecard Icon

    Clear Impact Scorecard

    Clear Impact

    Clear Impact Scorecard is an innovative performance management and reporting software solution for nonprofits and government agencies. With powerful and simple performance data collection, management, and reporting tools, Clear Impact Scorecard provides the industry's quickest and the most effective web-based solution for measuring and reporting performance. By using Clear Impact Scorecard, you can simplify data collection and standardize reporting, keep track of your performance, and collaborate more effectively with your community, partners, and stakeholders.

    Starting Price: $40.00/month/user
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    Q Ware CMMS Icon

    Q Ware CMMS

    C&S Companies, Q Ware Group

    Q Ware preventive maintenance program is a cloud-based solutions software designed to make maintenance management simple for small to mid-sized businesses. Q Ware allows maintenance tasks and requests to be managed digitilay, eliminating the need to print copies or keep paper records. Q Ware Software is web-based and is accessible from any IOS or Android device with internet connection. With Q Ware's work order tracking Maintenance Managers are able to track equipment maintenance actives and see when they are complete, ensuring equipment run more effectively, reducing downtime and the need for unnecessary maintenance expenses.

    Starting Price: $90.00/month
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    The AccuFund Accounting Suite for Nonprofits Icon

    The AccuFund Accounting Suite for Nonprofits


    AccuFund offers a reliable accounting suite designed to support nonprofit organizations looking to enhance their overall financial management. Available both on-premise or in the cloud, AccuFund nonprofit accounting solution improves transparency and departmental access to data, delivers efficient and accurate financial reporting, and offers add-on modules to help organizations customize their accounting solution. Users also get access to experienced consultants to maximize their investment.

    Starting Price: $2995.00/one-time/user
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