Community Choice Awards FAQ

By Community Team

What are the Community Choice Awards?

The Community Choice Awards came about after lengthy discussions about how to recognize the Open Source community for the incredible work and contributions community members make to technology today. These awards are our way giving you a venue to show your support to the projects and development teams that are proving that Open Source is changing the world.

How are the projects selected to be finalists?

Before the voting begins, we host a preliminary voting period where all projects are eligible for nomination. The projects with the most nominations during this voting period become our finalists.

When will the winners be announced
The nominations phase will be completed on June 29, and the voting phase will be completed on July 20. We are tabulating results and will announce the winners at our party at OSCON in Portland on July 25. A complete list of winners will be posted on this site on July 30.

Can I get a list of all the nominees?

Yes, we will post a complete list of all nominees, and all winners, on July 30.

If my project wins, what do I get?

You get the bragging rights, and the glory that comes with knowing that your project was deemed by the community to be the best of the best within each category. You also get the option to keep your “winner” icon posted up on your project page forever, and we will send you a unique award.

Can I read the rules?

Sure! They’re right here.

Who can I contact to find out more about this?

Contact us at cca at

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