2007 Community Choice Awards

By Community Team


The Community Choice Awards are over! The SourceForge.net 2007 Community Choice Awards provided you an opportunity to recognize projects that stand taller than the rest. Everybody got to vote, and everybody’s vote counted equally. The winning projects, each with superlative quality, productivity, and ingenuity, represent the cream of the crop on SourceForge.net.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Be on the lookout for our 2008 awards.

Best Tool or Utility for Developers: The project most likely to help you make the best of your precious coding time

Winner: TortoiseSVN

Best Project for the Enterprise: The project most likely to get your boss to promote you for saving the world

Winner: Firebird

Best Project for Gamers: The best project for wasting time at work

Winner: ScummVM

Best Project for Multimedia: The best project for taking advantage of your rad video card, sound card, television, etc.

Winner: Audacity

Best Project for Communications: The best project for talking to your friends or sharing information

Winner: phpBB

Best New Project: The newly created project with the most potential for greatness

Winner: eMule
Honorable Mention: Launchy

Best User Support: The project with the happiest users and most dedicated groupies

Winner: Firebird

Best Technical Design: The project most likely to inspire awe with its technical perfection

Winner: 7-Zip

Most Collaborative Project: The project most likely to accept your patches and value your input

Winner: Azureus

Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins: The project that keeps your network up while you sleep

Winner: phpMyAdmin

Best Project: This is the one! The all-over best project.

Winner: 7-Zip

For the winners of last year’s awards, see the 2006 CCA page.

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