2008 CCA: Microsoft

By Community Team

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Discover a World of Choice

Microsoft is focused on helping customers and partners be successful in a heterogeneous technology world. This starts with offering a broad range of choices for developing and deploying software, including open source approaches and applications.

Deploy OSS on Windows

Get the tools you need to connect open source and commercial technology.

  • Port 25
    Read the insights, analysis and blogs of the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft.
  • Open Source on Windows Tech Tips
    Get started with how-to’s, tech tips and installation guides from the Open Source Lab.
  • Interoperability Vendor Alliance
    Learn more about the community of software and hardware vendors working to enhance interoperability with Microsoft systems.

Develop OSS on Windows

Connect with community, download tools and learn the skills you need to develop open source on Windows.

  • Visual Studio Express
    Download free, lightweight and easy-to-use tools for getting started with Windows, web & game development.
  • SQL Server Express
    Free to download, free to redistribute, free to embed, and easy for new developers to use immediately, get started with SQL Server Express.
  • CodePlex
    Start a new project on Microsoft’s open source hosting site, CodePlex, to share your code with the world.

Did you know that top open source companies and Microsoft work together?


Additional Resources

Find additional tools and programs to help you develop and deploy open source on Windows.


  • Interoperability at Microsoft
    Learn how Microsoft and its partners connect people, data, and diverse systems.
  • Technology Licensing
    Microsoft has created a large, diverse portfolio of intellectual property (IP) that is now available for licensing.
  • TechNet Community Center
    Search and participate in a growing community of IT professional forums, webcasts and newsgroups.


  • Get Started on the Microsoft Platform
    Get started today by learning about the programming languages, standards and tools that enable developers to take advantage of the Windows platform.
  • MSDN Community Center
    Search and participate in a growing community of developer forums, blogs and newsgroups.
  • Shared Source Initiative
    Microsoft is sharing source code with customers, partners, developers, academics, and governments worldwide.

Microsoft & OSS Blogs

Join the community of interactive blogs from product teams and open source leaders at Microsoft.

Partner Solutions

Get started with additional solutions from Microsoft partners that help you solve complex open source interoperability issues.

  • Teamprise
    Access Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and CodePlex, from Eclipse IDE, and from Macintosh, Linux and UNIX systems.
  • Centrify
    Active Directory-centric Authentication, Access Control and Auditing for UNIX, Linux and Mac
  • Quest
    Get the tools you need to manage your application, database and platform infrastructure.
  • Vintela
    Extend the security and compliance of Active Directory to Unix, Linux, and Java platforms.
  • Mindtouch
    Get started with open source wiki solutions for your enterprise.

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