2009 CCA: Award Categories

By Community Team

4th Annual Community Choice Awards

Award Categories

Best Project

The winner of this category is the best open source application in the world. Enough said.
Previous winners: OpenOffice.org (2008), 7-Zip (2007), Azureus (2006)

Best Project for the Enterprise

Your boss loves you, you earned a greedy bonus last quarter, and your staff isn’t trying to kill you anymore. All because you decided to deploy this winning application. Good job!
Previous winners: OpenOffice.org (2008), Firebird (2007), Zimbra (2006)

Best Project for Gamers

This project is guaranteed to prevent you from doing the productive things you usually do. It’s good to have fun sometimes…now get back to work!
Previous winners: XBMC (2008), ScummVM (2007), XBMC (2006)

Best Project for Multimedia

Remember when “multimedia” just meant that your computer came with a CD-ROM drive and a pair of crappy speakers? Well, things have changed. The winning project in this category makes your pictures look sharper, your audio files sound crisper, and your videos play smoother.
Previous winners: VLC (2008), Audacity (2007), XBMC (2006)

Best New Project

SourceForge registers over 100 new open source projects every day, and not every one of them is going to be good. The winner in this category, however, has the potential to be something important. In order to be finalists in this category, projects need to be less than a year old.
Previous winners: Magento (2008), Launchy (2007)

Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins

Managing systems is a twenty-four hour job. The winner of this category keeps your pager as quiet as possible.
Previous winners: phpMyAdmin (2008, 2007, 2006)

Best Tool or Utility for Developers

The winner of this category helps you code faster, do more, and appease your corporate overlords, who don’t seem to understand that writing good code takes time.
Previous winners: Notepad++ (2008), TortoiseSVN (2007), Pidgin/Gaim (2006)

Best Commercial Open Source Project NEW

Open source and money aren’t mutually exclusive. This category recognizes the best company-managed open source project with commercial intent.

Best Project for Academia NEW

The winning project in this category helps you hit the books, analyze global trends, or just understand the world a little bit better than you did before.

Best Project for Government NEW

This is the project most likely to get a mouthful of sweet, juicy bailout money.

Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything NEW

Every year, we try to have a category that’s a little more open-ended than the rest…this is the one! The winner of this category will make you rethink your approach to technology, change the way you interact with society, or cause you to rediscover your brain.

Best Visual Design NEW

Also known as the “Swimsuit Competition,” this one’s for the open source project with the best user interface. Good visual design is open source’s new frontier, and the winner of this category excels by lookin’ sharp.

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