DHI Group, Inc. Statement on Plans to Sell Slashdot Media

By Community Team

DHI Group, Inc., parent company of Slashdot and SourceForge, has announced that it plans to sell its Slashdot Media business, which includes the Slashdot and SourceForge sites. The reason for this decision is that the Slashdot Media business no longer aligns with the broader DHI strategy, which has been refined to focus on providing digital recruitment tools and services to connect employers and recruiters with talent in multiple professional communities.

With Slashdot’s and SourceForge’s established positions, iconic brands, and loyal and passionate followings of technology professionals in the Open Source community, DHI Group believes SlashdotMedia will ultimately have greater opportunity to capitalize on its brand equity and unique assets – and, therefore be able to realize greater success – as part of a business that is focused primarily on media and software solutions.

Today’s announcement does not change our product roadmap or any of our priorities towards the community or clients, and we will continue to stay focused to deliver on commitments made to our community and clients. The company is committed to ensuring that the transition is seamless and transparent to its community and clients, while working to maintain high levels of quality as it does today. Slashdot and SourceForge will continue its strategy of providing relevant content and services while continually striving to improve the experience for its community.

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  1. harry krishna says:

    i’m ready to buy some stock. when is the ipo?