How to enable voting on tickets

By dbrondsema

Until now, voting on tickets has been a bit of a hidden feature. We’ve offered it for years but it’s never been enabled by default. Now all new projects, and new ticket trackers installed into existing projects, will have voting enabled.

Anyone who is logged in can vote for a ticket. Use this to gauge demand for new features and bugs that need to be fixed. And, on the ticket list views, you can sort by total votes and see what is most popular.

Votes on a ticket

If you’re a project admin, you can turn on ticket voting for your pre-existing ticket trackers. Just go to the Options page for that tracker and click Enable voting on tickets as shown below.

Enable Ticket Voting

We hope this makes tracking your tickets even better!

3 Responses

  1. larry hall says:

    lets try this and see how it works.

  2. asr says:

    why is there no tickets notification to the admin ???

  3. SourceForge Support says:


    I would suggest checking your subscriptions on your account:

    I would also recommend checking to make sure can relay messages sent to the address you have associated with your account:

    Thanks Support
    [email protected]