How to migrate from Google Code to SourceForge

By Community Team

Today Google announced that it is bidding farewell to Google Code by disabling new project creation and officially shutting down the service on January 25th, 2016. That means if you want to keep your project up-to-date, you’ll need to prepare to migrate off of Google Code by August 24, 2015, when the site goes read-only. As noted in the announcement, Google recommends some very good migration path options, including the option to migrate from Google Code to SourceForge.

What can I expect when migrating to SourceForge?

Consider that, while the GitHub importer will convert any SVN or Mercurial project to Git, only SourceForge offers a migration path from Google Code that allows you to keep your Git, Mercurial, or SVN project repos intact. And the SourceForge importer converts all your wiki pages, issues including attachments, and download files.

What does SourceForge offer, beyond free code hosting?

For starters, SourceForge welcomes you to distribute your releases via SourceForge even if your code is developed elsewhere. Back in 2012, we began supporting other ecosystems like BerliOS and we’ve always provided options for projects hosted on Github, even when they changed their file upload feature-set. And, we extended that offer to projects hosted on Google Code, when Google deprecated the download part of the Google Code service. We did this by offering the ability to fully import Google Code downloads, including the option to simply distribute downloads via SourceForge.

To date, almost 500 projects from Google Code have used our tools to import their project (either in part or whole) to SourceForge. For example, mplayerx uses SourceForge to keep their community up-to-date on their latest releases for OSX. Some other benefits that go along with migrating your project to SourceForge are that we offer editorial support for videos and reviews, and an enterprise directory listing for qualified Open Source projects.

As we welcome you to migrate from Google Code to SourceForge, we strengthen our promise to continue to create a culture of inclusivity that brings innovative people together for a long time to come. We certainly aren’t resting on our laurels; rather, our fully Open Source platform is developed at Apache (under the Apache Allura label) with the aim to continually upgrade our performance, appearance, and scalability. That’s why we think it’s worth your time to look into Sourceforge and see for yourself!

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For additional information, see: How to sync a GitHub or Google Code repo to a SourceForge project

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