Introducing SourceForge Deals

By Community Team

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What is SourceForge Deals?

It’s pretty simple:

SourceForge Deals is an online storefront with merchandise that’s chosen, stocked, and fulfilled by a third-party with products that are intended to be of interest to you.

To amplify this:

While we might have used some of the products on offer, we can’t offer an endorsement of any product that we haven’t used. You may remember that for a long time SourceForge was linked to ThinkGeek  (a service of Geeknet) and you’ll see that SourceForge Deals has some similarities to ThinkGeek’s service. For example, SourceForge makes money if you buy any of the product deals through the store, which helps us bring you more of the free downloads that you have come to expect. With that said, SourceForge Deals is not SourceForge and vice versa, but we hope you enjoy it!

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