July 2015, “Community Choice” Projects of the Month – Octave-Forge & SharpDevelop

By Community Team

For our July “Community Choice” Project of the Month, the community elected two projects, Octave-Forge and SharpDevelop, by a tie vote!

Octave-Forge is a central location for the collaborative development of packages for GNU Octave.

Octave-Forge packages expand Octave’s core functionality by providing field specific features via Octave’s package system. For example, image and signal processing, fuzzy logic, instrument control, and statistics packages are examples of individual Octave-Forge packages (browse the full list of packages). And Octave-Forge is the best way to install all octave-forge packages from a central location.

[ Download Octave-Forge ]


SharpDevelop is a free IDE for C#, VB.NET, & Boo projects on Microsoft’s .NET platform.

SharpDevelop was designed as a free, lightweight alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio and, thus, it works natively with Visual Studio projects and code files. SharpDevelop allows you to write applications in C#, VB.NET, F#, IronPython, and IronRuby. And it comes with integrated unit and performance testing tools; Git, NuGet, etc. that make development a breeze. Download both the source code and executable files, or find the latest information and changes on #develop through the forum.

[ Download SharpDevelop ]

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