November 2019, “Community Choice” Project of the Month – x64dbg

By Community Team

For our November 2019 “Community Choice” Project of the Month, the community elected x64dbg, an open-source x64/x32 debugger for Windows. x64dbg was previously elected “Community Choice” Project of the Month in October 2017 where main developer Duncan Ogilvie spoke about the project’s developments and direction. Recently we caught up with Duncan to find out how the project has been doing since then.

SourceForge (SF): What significant changes have occurred with your project since you were elected Project of the Month in October 2017?
Duncan Ogilvie (DO): From a user’s perspective there have not been many changes. Since 2017 we have mainly been working on performance and stability. We do now have the dubious honor to be the only debugger in the world that correctly handles 8gb sources files and PDBs with millions of symbols and very good speeds, but for most use cases this will not matter 🙂

SF: Have any of your project goals changed since then?
DO: Not particularly. For me x64dbg has always been about whatever I use it for personally and I assume for other users it’s the same. The idea is to provide a plugin interface that allows automation of whatever debugging task you throw at it and so far it seems to have worked out.

SF: What can we look forward to with x64dbg?
DO: The thing that keeps popping up is integration with static analysis tools like IDA Pro, Ghidra and Binary Ninja. There have been some attempts at doing this, but so far the solutions are not very elegant, so there is room for development there.

Another thing is questions about porting the Ghidra decompiler to x64dbg. There are no plans to officially integrate the decompiler with x64dbg, but adjustments have been made to the plugin interface to make this possible.

SF: Is there anything else we should know?
DO: I would like to thank the community for using and supporting x64dbg over all these years! Development has slowed in the past year, but x64dbg is being used a lot so thank you!

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