Project of the Month: Selection Process

By Community Team

So how do we pick the Project of the Month, anyway?

As soon as a Project of the Month is selected, we send their team a pretty lengthy questionnaire that takes an awful lot of time to complete. The majority of what they provide ends up on their POTM page, but there’s one little question we ask that doesn’t: “who should be the next Project of the Month, and why?”

Each Project of the Month has the opportunity to “pay it forward” by choosing a future Project of the Month. Who better to choose a successful, interesting project than a group of people who have struggled to create one?

However, every so often the process breaks down. Sometimes, one of our alumnae chooses not to nominate another project. Sometimes, the nominated project doesn’t respond in time or just isn’t interested. When that happens, we need a stand-in! If you’re interested in being one of our alternates, let us know by sending an email to [email protected] and we’ll add you to the list.

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