SourceForge BlockThis Initiative Update

By rgaloppini

Last week, we launched an initiative aimed at removing misleading ads that display a download button without disclosing the name of the product and we want to update you on how this program is progressing.

A task force of people working in the AdOps, Community and Product departments reviews daily the notices sent in from the community, in addition to the work we do on our own.  We process requests by following these steps:

1. Reviewing the advertisement to confirm they are misleading;
2. Identifying the advertising network partner/s displaying those ads;
3. Removing those ads; and
4. Proactively reviewing all additional partner networks to find similar ads.

In a week, we received a handful of community notifications and we found 90% of them legitimate. Thank you!  We took action accordingly, eventually communicating back our findings and actions.  This has resulted in SourceForge blocking +20% of misleading ads, with more work ongoing.

This is just the beginning and we are fully commitment to improving our site and removing misleading ads.  We continue to ask for your patience and assistance, as this is a continuous process.  If you see what you think is a confusing ad, please send a screenshot of the ad itself and the URL of the site where the ad leads. Send to: [email protected].

3 Responses

  1. Where is the original description? This is confusing, probably because it is just an update, which assumes basic knowledge of the initiative.

  2. Piotr W says:

    You still ignore user complaints about malware-infested installers from some software you host. Filezilla is excellent example. Over a year you deliver malware-installer, users complain and you do nothing. As result I unsubscribed from your malings becase you NOMINATE FILEZILLA AS FEATURED PROJECT! A malware-infested installer! Are you nuts?