SourceForge Classic Hg and Git service online

By Community Team

This is a service-specific update to our most recent full update.

SourceForge-hosted non-Allura-backed Hg and Git repositories have been restored to service as of 7/28. In addition to other checks, a representative sample of data has been tested and a functional test performed. Please contact the SourceForge Support team ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Hg repository.

Please note that all Hg and Git repositories (both Allura-backed and non-Allura-backed) are now online.

4 Responses

  1. Dwayne suarez says:

    I’ve been using git for some time now on Windows and I like the idea of distributed source control. Just recently I’ve been looking at Mercurial (hg) and it looks interesting. However, I can’t wrap my head around the differences between hg and git.


  2. Peter Quiring says:

    Any idea when uploads will be online? That’s what’s holding me right now.


  3. someon says:

    Can you please update as to if/when file upload will be fixed? There are many many support tickets open for this (About one every hour). Even updating us when you can update us would be great.

  4. Skruf says:

    I’m having a glitch with mu desmume 0.9.11. I basically cannot play it anymore because the game or desmume keeps freezing. I have tried skipping a few days in the game, but the glitch always comes. I don’t have any cheats active and i almost finished my game. The glitch occurs when i leave my house, and try to move other places on my map. I would really appreciate help!