SourceForge developer pages online

By Community Team

SourceForge developer pages backed by Apache Allura (tickets, wiki, forums, mailing list archives) are back online, along with SourceForge directory pages and downloads restored to service previously. Work continues 24×7 on restoration of SCM (git, hg, bzr, svn, cvs) services, Project Web/DB/Shell services, file upload service, and Mailing List services.

40 Responses

  1. hjarnehr says:

    About freaking time!
    Good job guys 😉

    Again.. Please just ask if you need more manpower!


  2. Mark Bannister says:

    How long before Project Web & DB is back online on SourceForget, as that’s a killer? Would like to talk to more people about DBIS ahead of a conference, but can’t do it if the Wiki site is down.

  3. Graeme Winter says:

    More to the point, any ETA on when svn will be back – we have a couple of projects jammed up at the moment with no access to their revision history / ability to commit / update, and people saying “you should have used github” are starting to get annoying. Acknowledge long and good service to date for no monetary cost though, have greatly appreciated the service you have offered.

    • Wayne says:

      I second this comment. I really need subversion to be working.

    • hendrik says:

      According to they estimate to have everything back up in the middle of this week. As far as Subversion is concerned, unfortunately, that is last on the list because on a dependency on Allura and a more complicated validation process.

      • Robert Ingram says:

        That would be the dumbest thing.
        We are loosing actual money every single day and even had to refund clients because we couldn’t install using our scripts because of SVN being down.

        They are going about this the wrong way i feel and it is a shame that companies like ours, are suffering for this.
        I am gonna fork that project to github because this is BS all the way.

        Why would it take so long to restore stuff?
        Don’t they just migrate some backups? We do this on a daily basis with 10 times the size of this website on at least 30 servers.

        • blub says:

          Robert, at which company are you working? If your company is highly depending on a service provided by another company, but your company failed to have an SLA, that is a pretty serious top level management issue.

  4. Tom Bowman says:

    What about the Scummvm site any idea when it will be back

  5. yenda says:

    Can you please give us at least some estimate, given the size of the data? Are we talking one more day? One more week?

  6. Daniel Washburn says:

    This WEKA documentation page, and many other documentation pages, are still down. Could you give an ETA on the restoration of this part of the site?

  7. John ffitch says:

    I would love an estimate as to when the mailing lists are back. This is a major communication mechanism for my project

  8. Vinícius Adriano Machado says:

    About Jasper Studio plugin for Eclipse… URL update still offiline!! please check this, i cant download and work…

  9. Everton Gava says:

    I would love an estimate as to when the will be back? I very need! Thank

  10. D says:

    Is there an estimate for when will be back online please?

  11. Angelo Merkel says:

    I would be happy to know, when the ZdfMediathekView site will be online in-full. The MediathekView Support Forum is not working and there is a problemm with the SFR fimlist entrys.

  12. HammerDB says:

    about HammerDB, the documentation guides are not available yet. Only the binaries. I’m in need of best practices documentation.

  13. kunal says:

    Please , start the page as soon as possible.

  14. brendan says:

    Hi guys,
    Im desperate to get access to Net snmp trap download, is there a link to how i can access this, and also how to use it properly


  15. BUTEAU says:

    As other people we are blocked to deliver our software because of SVN shutdown
    Any rough estimate(let speak for example in % of chance to get it back) would greatly help us to organize ourselves.!!

    What is the % of chance to have SVN back :
    – this week ?
    – before end of july ?
    – before end of August ?

  16. Andrea Giustozzi says:

    How long to restore the EQMOD web site? Thank

  17. Gerstrong says:

    Sorry, but my project is still down. So no, it’s not functional:

  18. Karthik Rao says:

    Hi, Can I know when the documentation for CUnit tool will be online ?


  19. Shivio says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for plugging away at this. Any ETA on the openbooks sections ?



  20. DarkTl says:

    Midweek, still no SCM, or even confirmed eta for it. Wow.

  21. uma says:

    when will it work?

  22. John ffitch says:

    Now they say it is all working, but it is not. Mailing lists give
    ” Bug in Mailman version 2.1.9

    We’re sorry, we hit a bug!”

    So pleas can we have an update on expectation?

  23. Mehrdad Novin says:

    Hi, I need to get access to Freeplane related documentation (objects, classes etc.) Would you be able to provide an ETA for availability or those? Is there any other way to get the documentations?


  24. FrankBrin says:

    What’s happened with the site? It doesn’t work and I need it very urgent.

  25. rleir says:

    Good luck getting the mailing lists up again, we are counting on you! How can we help?

  26. javier says:

    Hola la pagina shenmuesubs cuando estará disponible?

  27. gumsta says:

    I need to change the kernel in FOG to image some new computers we purchased. I cant update the Fog kernel because of it being down. Is there work on when that will be up or a trick I can use to get them imaged? Needed very soon to get them up and running before school starts back up.

  28. gumsta says:

    Any word on when FOG will be up? I need to image new computers soon so they are ready for teachers to come back and I need to change the kernel in order to image them and still am getting the temporarily offline message.
    Thank you…

  29. Andrew Ziem says:

    For SF project web hosting outages like this, please allow the project admins to redirect to a temporary site! This would solve 95% of the pain.

    I have the temporary site setup, but most of the traffic comes from Google Search, which I cannot redirect.

  30. uberlieber says:

    ok guys, i do not like it either, and i am a visitor…BUT FOR HEAVENS SAKE…give these guys a break !!!

  31. Andy says:

    Any update on