SourceForge Subversion (SVN) service online

By Community Team

This is a service-specific update to our most recent full update.

SourceForge-hosted Allura-backed Subversion (SVN) repositories have been restored to service as of 7/25. In addition to other checks, a representative sample of data has been tested using ‘svnadmin verify’ and a functional test performed (commit and/or checkout via http, ro svn, rw svn+ssh, etc.). Please contact the SourceForge Support team ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding your SVN repository.

Please note that SVN repositories not previously migrated to the Allura platform remain offline at this time and will be restored separately. See the above full update for information on restoration of other SCM platforms.

Work continues 24×7 on restoration of file upload service, CVS, and non-Allura SCM repositories.

12 Responses

  1. ricardo wolosker says:


  2. Elizabeth Mills says:

    It has been a massive undertaking – you guys are doing a great job – thank you.

  3. Fabien Ménager says:

    Our SVN reposotory (mediboard) is broken : I get an error about revision 28858, and recent revisions seem to have no change, while they have.

  4. Manny Rayner says:

    We are having problems. A couple of hours ago, I tried using SVN to check in the changes I had made over the last week; some of the files appear to check in correctly, others get base checksum mismatch errors. I have posted a ticket with further details at

    When I tried to do a fresh checkout, the project code base was inconsistent. Some files were not up-to-date. I am investigating to get a clearer picture of what has happened.

    Are other people seeing similar things?

  5. Kaz says:

    Please post a clearer site status!

    I haven’t logged into SF for over a month, so I don’t know what is going on, other than that I can’t upload files.

    This is because file uploading is down. But to find that out, I have to read yesterday’s update, and skim through a lot of TL; DR, most of it describing in detail what is online! I missed it the first time, I thought “hey, this is an announcement about how everything is online”.

    Please, post a daily bullet summary of what is NOT known to be working yet, and do not supersede this with any new updates that do not include this information upfront.

    Users who are anxiously awaiting some area to go online can infer that it’s online when it disappears from the list.

  6. rgaloppini says:

    Git and Hg data sets are currently smaller than SVN, and more readily validated due to their internal validation mechanisms. These facts together make for faster restore.

    We have a huge amount of SVN data both in byte and inode counts. Restoration takes time. If restore was faster, the service would be online faster. It’s that simple.

    We have restored other services before SCM because we want to be able to focus staff time on any inquiries from projects as the repositories come back online.

  7. femshep says:

    Our repo can’t checkout because it’s missing the last 2 commits. Are the SVN and databases out of sync or something on SF?

  8. Stefan Roettger says:

    Thanks for your work to bring that essential service back to work.

    For those who are experiencing trouble with their repositories, here is my solution to it:

    I made local changes to my repos during the outage. I had hoped that I can just “svn up” and “svn commit” those changes finally, but it did not work, because the repos somehow did have a revision mismatch.

    What worked for me was the following:

    I made a copy of the local changes. Then I did a checkout of a completely fresh copy from the SoureForge server. Then I copied the local changes back and commited them.

    This did work for me. Hope this helps others, also.

    • Manny Rayner says:

      Hi Stefan!

      I thought I would try that, but figured it might be best to wait first for an answer from the Sourceforge people. Thank you, very good to know that the solution does in fact work. I’ll discuss with my colleagues tomorrow morning, but I’m guessing we’ll almost certainly do the same thing.


  9. Adam J Richardson says:

    Hurrah, my SVN is back (and de-gapped)! 😀 Thanks SF dudes! Although it seems a little bit wobbly. I apparently can’t checkout my entire repo as it hangs halfway through tags, and “svnrdump dump” hangs after revision 1. Not really a problem as I can checkout the whole of trunk, which is the interesting bit.

  10. Sascha Papini says:

    Hi SF Team, my jMagazzino repository is Empty 🙁