Subversion repository gap notifications by email

By Community Team

This is a service-specific update to our most recent full update.

SourceForge Subversion service restoration was completed yesterday (7/25).  Additional repository analysis was completed today (7/26) to identify projects whose latest commits occurred between the backup restore point and the storage incident.  To identify these repositories, we compared the number of the highest revision on disk to the highest revision seen by our repository tracking code (which stores metadata to a database).

Through this process we identified 497 Subversion repositories which require project action to capture previously-committed data which was not included in the latest backup.  Emails are currently being sent to the developers and administrators for these projects (delivery in the next ~hour), including a recent committer, timestamp and commit message log to aid in remediating repository gaps.

If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please contact the SourceForge Support team by submitting a ticket at:

Work continues 24×7 on restoration of file upload service, CVS, and non-Allura SCM repositories.  Restore of CVS and non-Allura SCM repository data is in-progress.  File upload service data has completed summing and mount reconstruction is pending; 6 TB of data has been reconstructed in the past 8 hours.

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