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  • edgeNEXUS load balancers mitigate the risk of downtime and improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of business critical applications. Icon
    jetNEXUS is the most beautiful and easiest to use Load Balancer /ADC Application Delivery Controller available Our ADC Load Balancer allows you to easily implement and manage security, traffic, SSO/Pre-authentication and, of course, load balancing.
  • An easy-to-use, affordable IT asset & inventory tracking solution. GoCodes harnesses the power of smartphones, QR codes and cloud-based software to solve your asset management problems. Icon
    GoCodes provides a total IT asset management solution that includes everything IT teams need to securely GPS track and manage their equipment on-the-go. Our solution includes powerful and secure cloud-based software, mobile scanner apps and patented QR code labels. So you're up and running fast! Just scan the patented QR code label to create field service requests, update asset information & assign equipment to users.
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    VectPDF Icon


    Insert PDF into DWG in AutoCad. Autolisp Frontend for PSTOEDIT

    Insert a PDF into an AutoCAD Drawing without leaving AutoCAD. VectPDF is a frontend to 'pstoedit' for AutoCAD (Windows 32 & 64 bit). VectPDF is an Autolisp Application For AutoCad to load a Selected PDF file with 'pstoedit' convert to single-line DXF, Pick Point To Insert into Drawing. Load. Requires 'pstoedit 3.50' and 'GPL Ghostscript 9.04' (included)

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    TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework Icon

    TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework

    Simple, pragmatic enterprise architecture - for system-thinkers

    TRAK is a general systems-thinkers'/system-centric enterprise architecture framework. It is simple, user-friendly, pragmatic and not limited to IT. TRAK has won an INCOSE award and is also a finalist in the 2011 IET innovation awards. TRAK allows you to describe a system, its parts (which can include people, software, other systems and physical things) and how it relates to the residual world. It covers everything from the enterprise, concept, procurement of the solution, the introduction or withdrawal of the system from service to its assurance. It allows threats,risks and mitigation to be linked to the design. TRAK is a derivative of MODAF but is based on ISO/IEC 42010 - the international standard for architecture description. There is a minimal process in which the architect selects the viewpoints (specifications for views) that address the task sponsor's concerns. It has rules that ensure that the description is consistent and also readable by the non technical audience. You

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    beCPG PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Icon

    beCPG PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

    New Product Development, Projects and quality management

    beCPG is an open source Product Lifecycle Management software for CPG industries to manage product data (bill of material, packaging information, characteristics, documents, ...), improve time-to-market and increase quality of products. As beCPG is based on Alfresco, we provide several modules for Alfresco

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    OptionMatrix Icon


    Financial Derivatives Calculator with 168+ Models (Options Calculator)

    A real-time financial derivatives calculator supporting 168+ models from QuantLib, Financial Numerical Recipes in C++ and MetaOptions. Matrices of prices are created with iterating strikes and/or months. A strike control system can produce any strike. A generalized date engine can calculate re-occuring distances to any industry used expiration into the future. Spread engine with spread views. Models Supported: Black-Scholes, Merton-73, Black-76, Roll Geske Whaley, Garman KohlHagen, Jump Diffusion, Quanto, Vasicek Bond Option, Turnbull Wakeman Asian, TimeSwitchOption, Look Barrier, Bachelier, PartialTimeBarrier, GapOption, Extreme Spread Option, Simple Chooser, ComplexChooser, PartialFixedLB, Executive, CashOrNothing, Extendible Writer, OptionsOnOptions, BAWAmericanApprox, BSAmericanApprox, AssetOrNothing, Bisection, BAWbisection, BSbisection, Gfrench, Gcarry, Swapoption, Complex Chooser, Super Share, EquityLinkedFXO, Spread Approximation, BinaryBarrier and more

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    Zenta Icon


    Zenta Es No Tan Archi

    Zenta is a free, open source, cross-platform tool and editor to create models along with their metamodels. Zenta is forked from Archi, which is an implementation for the Archimate methodology. Archimate is a closed standard of the Open Group. Yeah! This created a situation where in theory you could use a software with an expressed open source licence only with permission. And anyway, you might want to use other - or more - metamodels. Zenta is targeted toward all levels of Architects and Modellers. It is intended to provide a low cost to entry (i.e. free) solution to users who may be making their first steps in the architecture modelling or who are looking for a cross-platform modelling tool for their company or institution.

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  • Don't hire influencers that have no influence Icon
    Don't hire influencers that have no influence

    SocialBook is an extremely powerful, end-to-end influencer marketing management software tool.

    Don’t waste time searching and not finding the best influencers. Our influencer advertising and analytics engine for Instagram, YouTube and Twitch can help you find the perfect creators.

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    Excel function for multi-criteria selection problems

    SCOREMATH implements the simple-yet-ingenious weighted linear model for multi-criteria selection problems described in Ng, Wan Lung. "An efficient and simple model for multiple criteria supplier selection problem." European Journal of Operational Research 186, no. 3 (2008): 1059-1067. "There are many real situations where the decision makers are able to tell the criteria importance ranking (although they cannot tell the exact values of weights). The decision makers may not have enough knowledge to assign exact weight values but they can rank the importance by their expertise or experience. [...] [Our model] requires no pre-defined weight values. At the same time, our model can incorporate some user control by ranking of relative importance of the criteria. [...] decision makers only rank the relative importance of criteria, rather than specifying the degree of relativity. [...] [our model] does not require users with any optimization background."

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    Chiron rowing monitor for Linux

    Chiron allows to monitor and analyse performance on rowing machines. It displays the force curve of the stroke and values like speed and stroke power. It connects to concept2 rowing machines by connecting the sensor plug to the soundcard.

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    Firefly UML Icon

    Firefly UML

    A free, easy-to-use and user-friendly Java-based UML editor.

    Firefly UML is a 100% pure Java application designed to create and edit UML conform diagrams. With class diagrams, sequence and instance diagrams, Firefly UML provides a solid selection from the vast range of existing UML diagram types. Firefly UML is really easy to learn as it provides you multiple ways of access to the same function - be it mouse action, hotkey, context menu or toolbar icon. And the best thing is: once you have learned how to handle one type of diagram, you also have learned how to deal with the other diagram types, because they all follow the exactly same user interaction patterns. Besides being user-friendly, Firefly also offers powerful features which other free editors usually do not. For example, you can import your existing Java project into Firefly and generate nice-looking class diagrams within a matter of minutes. You can also go the other way around and export your model as skeleton Java code.

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    Graph Modelling Framework (GMF) is a software to develop and implement

    Graph Modelling Framework (GMF) is a software to develop and implement extendable customized tools for graph model based analysis. GMF core is software package ready to be installed on variety of OS and GMF modules are plugins that extend core to provide user possibilities of graph models implementation.

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    Videochat software management

    Videochat software management for easy administration of studios and chathosts .

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  • Construction project management made simple. Finally. Icon
    Construction project management made simple. Finally.

    Projul is a construction project management solution built specifically for your small to mid-sized company

    Projul is a construction project management solution built specifically for your small to medium-sized company that simplifies business and fuels your success. Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and that complicated scheduling software that your team struggles to use. Projul is built specifically for your small-to-mid-sized company and is built on proven business fundamentals that simplify everyday business, fuels your growth, profitability and overall success. Your contractors, subcontractors and office team stays synchronized working with real-time lead, customer, job and task information.
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    Ontology Testing

    Part of the XD Tools plugin for ontology testing.

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    An semantic editor for describing public administration services. Produces ontologies containing a workflow description in owl notation. Can be used for modelling processes in different fields, but was originally focused on semantically describing government services with their corresponding documents, fees and other information items. Launch the editor with Java Web Start at

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    PSIGHOS is a Java-based simulation library. PSIGHOS is focused on the simulation of business processes and comprises a parallel core so to reduce the execution time for large models.

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    Queue network modelization tool

    Ceci est le projet réalisé à la session d’hiver 2014 par l’équipe Expresso. L’équipe était composée de : Philippe Olivier, François Lemonnier-Lalonde, Dominique Tremblay et François Moreau. Le projet a été réalisé pour le cours de Génie logiciel orienté objet, donné par M. Jonathan Gaudreault à l'Université Laval. Le projet consistait à développer un logiciel de modélisation de réseau de files d’attente, aussi appelé un réseau de Jackson. Chaque nœud du réspeau représente une station de traitement et chaque arc orienté représente un chemin possible d’une station à une autre. Le réseau possède toujours un point d’arrivée et de sortie. Un tel réseau peut, par exemple, représenter la zone de sécurité d’un aéroport, l’urgence d’un hôpital ou une chaîne de montage. BitBucket repository:

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    Photovoltaic Cell Estimator LITE

    Determining the power output of a PV array is not a precise exercise

    The power produced by a PV array depends on characteristics of the PV modules used and the instantaneous climatologically conditions. For most field testing, the measurable quantities are irradiance and temperature. Power is an instantaneous value; the PV array produces so many Watts (or kilowatts) of power at a specific time depending on existing conditions. Power output will change continuously throughout the day. Energy includes a time factor and is measured in Watt-hours or kilowatt-hours (kwH).

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    StockNovice Icon


    Program for Stock Exchange operations modeling and data analysis

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    TRAK MooD Template Icon

    TRAK MooD Template

    Simple, no-nonsense description of Enterprise Architecture in MooD.

    This template was developed by Vega Consulting Services to implement the TRAK enterprise architecture framework in MooD. It includes versions for MooD version 15 and the previous version 2010.

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    VisualPerspective Icon


    A diagram/modeling tool.

    VisualPerspective is a modeling and diagram creation tool. It enables to create free diagrams but also semantic oriented ones (for instance UML diagrams), in order to run automatic processing (transformations, exports, parsing). There is currently no installer, so you should follow this procedure : You are very welcome to report any issue with VP.

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    Editor for Petri nets

    Wolfgang is a lightweight tool that allows users to easily create and edit Petri nets and check them against general and workflow specific net properties. Specifically, Wolfgang supports full PNML conform editing functionality of Place-Transition Nets (P/T-Nets) and Colored Petri Nets (CPN) as they are defined in the SEPIA package. Its simple and easy to use interface allows to quickly create Petri nets from scratch, edit them graphically in many ways, store and even export them as PDFs. Use Wolfgang to smoothly create the Petri net you want! A user guide and a documentation can be found under

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    Powerful export module with xslt and python language support for Archi

    Please note that I have abandoned this project, as I am concentrating on Zenta. If you would like to take it, drop me a note. This is the Styled HTML exporter for Archi. Archi is at This module uses a - possibly user defined - XML stylesheet to create a html report from the model.

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    Run multiple MALLET runs and report on search term prevalence.

    Run multiple MALLET runs over a pre-existing corpus and report on search term prevalence in each run.

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    Framework for developing web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs etc.) It includes multilanguage support, permits management, MVC mini framework, package structure, template engine, javascript library, simple GUI library, caching system, captcha.

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