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    Advanced cloud based software making time tracking easy.

    A simple to understand timesheet solution with advanced features at only $3.00 per user. Many features such as approvals, expenses, notifications, invoices, reporting, timers, etc.. So simple you can get started in minutes. Try Timogix today!
  • SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT - License Optimization to Reduce Spend and Compliance Risk Icon
    SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT - License Optimization to Reduce Spend and Compliance Risk

    Manage and optimize the most complex multi-vendor software licensing challenges

    FlexNet Manager helps enterprises manage and take control of their hardware and software assets. An all-in-one hardware and software asset management, license compliance, and software license optimization solution, FlexNet Manager offers businesses complete and accurate data on their hardware and software assets so they can manage and cut costs. FlexNet also offers powerful data analytics for greater visibility on software assets and utilization.
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    SwithMail Icon


    Send SMTP email silently from command line (CLI), or a batch file using Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Plus. Supports XML settings files, variables, or all settings explicitly from the command line. Now supporting Exit Codes for batch file use (will return "0" for successful delivery, or "1" for error delivering) - handle your batch file accordingly.

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    OpenPop.NET Icon


    Robust open source POP3 client and MIME parser written in C#

    .NET library written in C# with a full implementation of a POP3 client. Easy to use but yet powerful. Includes a robust MIME parser backed by several hundred test cases. The easiest way to install OpenPop.NET is via NuGet. In Visual Studio's Package Manager Console, simply enter the following command: Install-Package OpenPop.NET Our homepage ( includes examples, documentation and a general introduction for email. For more information, visit our project homepage. Code is hosted on GitHub (

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    HTML2POP3 : gmail proxy

    Convert Webmail to POP3.Is also included a SMTP/POP3 tunneling system that allow send and receive email in a private network HTTP PROXY based. All connection are plugin based. Over 450 email server supported and tested, GMAIL POP3/SMTP over Proxy Network.

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    FreePOPs is a webmail to pop3 conversion daemon. It is extensible to support other webmail using the scripting language LUA. See the homepage for supported webmails.

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    Recepção NFE C#

    Recepção NFE é uma solução de código-fonte em C# 3.5 aberto desenvolvido para atender parcialmente ( XML ) uma obrigação dos contribuintes de terem que enviar a Nota Fiscal Eletrônica para o cliente através de qualquer meio magnético.

    Downloads: 6 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Move your Windows Apps to the Web Icon
    Move your Windows Apps to the Web

    By adding a single line of code to any of your existing software, you will be enabling dual-platform functionality.

    Thinfinity VirtualUI enables dual Plattform solutions allowing Windows-based desktop applications to function as web applications, which can be accessed remotely from any HTML5 web browser. Since launched in 2015, it has helped thousands of organizations to embrace digital transformation by extending the life Cycle of business-critical applications cost-effectively and reliably.
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    This program gives you a new way of capturing and collecting music from radio stations over the Internet. You can listen and record your favorites radios at the same time also this way like to realize audio diffusion using outcast stream protocol.

    Downloads: 7 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    dBrowser-PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL Framework

    dBrowser is a PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL framework/code generator aimed at web/database application developers.

    Downloads: 5 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Helios qmail

    An advanced qmail distribution based on qmail-sql which has SMTP, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS services, a content scanner, spoofing protections, SMTP AUTH support, SMTP-after-POP/IMAP, PHP5 API, SPF support and much more...

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Open JMail Server

    Welcome to the project page of the Open JMail Server - a scalable Java email server. Features POP, SMTP, IMAP, dynamic pluggable storage design, modular protocol handling, easy XML configuration and much more.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    PinoyPHP Mail WebMail Client

    PinoyPHP Mail is a PHP Webmail E-mail Client which create virtual accounts usable by many users. Requires MySQL, and ONE POP3 account. Added: New Registration, Sent Items, Improved Mail Client. See demo at: (you may register)

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
  • Get more customer reviews, be found online,  attract new customers - easily and effectively. Icon
    BirdEye drives business growth by getting new reviews and improving customer experience. More than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to manage their reviews, be found online, collect customer feedback, interact with potential customers, ask customers to refer friends and family, improve operations and increase revenue. BirdEye’s all-in-one software includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, customer surveys, social listening, social publishing, social engagement, customer support ticketing, listings, webchat, customer referrals, business insights, and competitive benchmarking.
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    Java Mail Server

    Java based mailserver providing a SMTP and POP3 protocoll implementation easy configurable, OS independent, extendible

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    'betoffice' is a Java based football management tool (someone would say a 'betting-office'). It helps to organize a betting office around some football matches.

    Downloads: 3 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Camel's Eye

    Camel's Eye is a powerful POP3 email filter. It supports DNS-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBL/RBL), Razor, and rules that search header or body. Features include regular expressions, scoring, deletion on server, automatic whitelisting through an SMTP proxy.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Easy Web Mail

    A web mail service based on J2EE and open source sql database. It supported rules, addressbook, etc..

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Foedus Mail

    Foedus Mail is a mail server written in Java. The goal is to produce stable IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 support and then to build upon and refine it.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    JFetch is an application to download your email through protocols like POP3 and IMAP. The decision of whether to download a mail or not is made through a sequence of filters. The user can easily add customized filters to this sequence.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    JFetcher is a Java Fetchmail application, which is able to fetch emails from a pop3 or imap mailbox and deliver it to another smtp host. The ideal exercise for JFetcher is to fetch emails from a global mailbox for relaying them to local accounts.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Mailbox: monitors multiple mailboxes

    Mailbox can monitor multiple POP3 mailboxes for new mail.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Mailster is a project aimed at testing software mail capabilities. It provides a mail server container to test emails sent by your apps without rewriting your application code.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    POP3 Spam Filter Proxy

    POP3 Spam Filter Proxy is a multiuser POP3 proxy written in Java. Other than most other email filtering programs it works passively and transparently each time a user checks her or his mailbox. The filters so far are be based on regular expression searche

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA

    gavamail is a POP3/IMAP server implemented in JAVA for reading your gmail e-mail with your favorite mail client. Currently only POP3 is implemented but I hope to implement IMAP too. Libraries provided by the g4j and libgmail projects are used.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Browsing your mail on mail server, And deleting mails without downloading.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Poppy POP3 Proxy

    A plugin based POP3 gateway to other mail protcols.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    SToffelMail is a graphical email client written in Java.
    As it is written in Java it is independent of the platform used.
    I wrote it for myself, not for more productivity, but for more fun with mailing...

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    SpamStop: learning POP3 mail classifier

    After the presentation on CeBIT 2004 fair finally available: SpamStop works as a Proxy between your Pop3-Client and the -Provider, it uses a Support Vector Machine to classfy incoming mails and automatically learns classifiers from samples of your mails.

    Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: See Project
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