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    Advanced cloud based software making time tracking easy.

    A simple to understand timesheet solution with advanced features at only $3.00 per user. Many features such as approvals, expenses, notifications, invoices, reporting, timers, etc.. So simple you can get started in minutes. Try Timogix today!
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    Visualize Your Data

    Resource planning software for the big and the small.

    Ganttic is a resource management software that excels in high-level resource planning and managing multiple project portfolios at once. In Ganttic, anything and anyone you need to schedule can be a resource – people, rooms, machinery – you name it! The software scales with your business, and you can introduce department after department to Ganttic to utilize all of your resources in the most effective way possible. Using Ganttic, you will have a good grasp on both the allocation and utilization of your resources.
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    ASCOM ESP32/ESP8266 Wifi based focuser

    ESP32/ESP8266 WiFi version of myFocuserPro2. DRV8825, ULN2003, L298N, L293DMINI and L9110S driver board support. There is also support for the ESP8266 L293D Motor Shield. (c) Robert Brown 2014-2019, (c) Holger M, 2019. All rights reserved. PCB Boards ESP8266 ULN2003 DRV8825 ESP32 ULN2003 DRV8825

    Downloads: 167 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Navigational Algorithms Icon

    Navigational Algorithms

    Navigational Algorithms - Marine navigation

    - Celestial Navigation: Sight Reduction, Line Of Position, Fix... - Positional Astronomy: Nautical Almanac, RA, GHA, Dec - Coastal Navigation: Range, Bering, Horizontal angles, IALA... - Sailings: Rhumbs, Loxodromic, Orthodromic, Meridional parts... - Weather , Tides - Software: PC, Android

    Downloads: 30 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Android-IOIO-Astronomical mount comunication project

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Android sky chart software for serious amateur astronomers.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Astronomy calculations testing

    Astronomy calculations

    Some astronomy calculations testing

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Halachic Times

    Jewish prayer times

    Android application that displays list of halachic/halakhic times for Jewish prayers (zmanim and zmanei tefillot).

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    Prediction of minimum time for eclipsing binary systems

    Prediction of minimum time for eclipsing binary systems

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    RevWRLESS telescope mount controller

    WiFi/BT telescope mount controller based on an ES32-WROOM

    This Project allows to control an goto telescope mount from smartphone, tablet or PC. 3rd party software for control the mount is required e.g. Stellarium, CdC, SkySafari ... WiFi/BT boards based on an ES32-WROOM - compatible with Arduino. I have started this (my first) project recently and i am now in the development and testing phase. The development is continuous. (c) Copyright Anton Karl Seewald-Czeczelich 2017. All Rights Reserved. The schematic, code and ideas are released into the public domain. Users are free to implement these but may NOT sell projects based on this project for commercial gain without express written permission granted from the author. Schematics, Code, Firmware, Ideas, Software Applications, Layout are protected by Copyright Law. Code or portions of code may not be copied or used without appropriate credit given to author.

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    SterHemel Icon


    Volg de gebeurtenissen aan de sterrenhemel op je mobiel

    De gebeurtenissen aan de sterrenhemel in Nederland en België op je mobiel! SterHemel toont in een handomdraai wat er aan de sterrenhemel te zien is met het blote oog, een verrekijker of een kleine telescoop. De app is bedoeld voor waarnemers in Nederland en België en is daarom in het Nederlands/Vlaams gemaakt. De app toont de gebeurtenissen aan de sterrenhemel onder andere in de vorm van een astrokalender, de tab "Vannacht aan de hemel" met inforatie over Zon, Maan planeten en deepsky-objecten, een hemelkaart, een maanfasekalender, waarneemweer en meer. SterHemel is de app van en net als de website is de app gratis en zonder reclame. De inhoud bestaat uit een selectie van de belangrijkste webpagina's van, geoptimaliseerd voor het schermformaat van een telefoon. Voor een tablet geniet het gebruik van een webbrowser de voorkeur.

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    Wo ist Io Icon

    Wo ist Io

    Wo ist Io ist eine Android Astronomie Anwendung, die Daten über Himmelskörper im Sonnensystem berechnet. Es bietet Auf- und Untergangs Visualisierungen und -Zeiten für alle Planeten und eine Spiral-Graph Ansicht der Jupitermonde für nächsten Tagen

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    Driving Value Beyond the Ordinary TMS

    UltraShipTMS drives exceptional value in supply chain management by making logistics IT solutions easy to implement, integrate, scale and maintain.

    Designed for high volume truckload, LTL, multimode and container shippers, UltraShipTMS is a modular cloud-based platform for end-to-end transportation logistics process automation.
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    Congenital industries test project

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    glSatellite Demo

    Technological demo of OpenGL ES 2 Android NDK

    Technological demo of OpenGL ES 2 for Android platform. It reads public NORAD satellite database and shows the satellite positions and altitude related to Earth in the form of beams (the height of the beam represents the relative altitude). NOTE: The project has been moved to GitHub: The old one stays here just for the historical reasons. The 3D features present: - OpenGL ES 2; - rotating, multi-touch zooming and moving the globe; - stars on a fixed background; - each satellite is represented by a beam with a unique color; - identifying the corresponding satellite if a beam has been tapped (based on color picking method). Additionally to 3D features presented the application is: - using NDK with C++11 features compiled by LLVM clang; - mixing Java views with OpenGL views (Java is used for settings activity, information and ads panels); - using Android custom message queue to send asynchronous messages from Java to JNI

    Downloads: 0 This Week Last Update: See Project
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    الملوك السبعة سوف ترشدك الى الطريق الصحيح فى علاج السحر والمس وكل ما يتعلق بلسحر وفنونة ومكتبة تحتوى على كتب ومخطوطات نادرة جدا.

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