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  • If you have any level of electronics knowledge (can hold a soldering iron) and can handle a little DIY this is a great project. A fraction of the cost of a commercial solution and you can make whatever you need. I am hanging some pretty heavy camera gear on my scope so I could choose a high torque motor to handle the load. The community here has been great too with a special shout out to Rob.

  • If you were thinking of buying an aftermarket focus controller but scared off by the silly prices then look no further, this project and it's V2 version simply can not be beaten on cost or functionality. The developer is very responsive to help and feature requests.

  • This is one of the easiest and most cost effective astronomy projects you can build. Works well with the Moonlight driver. Saves hundreds.

  • Great project. Full professional focuser with many different options. The author maintains the project updated and he is always ready to answer any suggestions or queries. Thank you very much for sharing this project.

  • Very good project. easy to build Mr. Brown has provided great support and troubleshooting. I am just a hack i cannot write but i can follow instructions, and this is a very easy DIY project, I have less than 75.00$ in enough parts to build 2. thank you Mr. Brown

  • Excelente Proyecto, contempla todas las opciones de un enfocador profesional, Felicitaciones!!

  • Finally finished the build and it works great! Using the DRV8825 version with a bipolar stepper on my Skywatcher 120ED Pro, belt drive. Biggest problem I had was bad eyesight. Had to check and recheck wiring several times (errors made). Now I have to see how it all works out when I do some actual outdoor astrophotog. Thanks RB for this wonderful project.

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