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  • Worked very well on windows 10. Not a fix for all problems, but fixes most, and is much easier than messing with front end gui in mkvextract then reassembling in mkvmerge. Top job

  • How does know if it's working or crashed?

  • Crashes after we close it

  • Not good. First file I dragged on app crashed it. 24GB MKV file ripped with MakeMKV 1.9.8 failed.

  • fix mkv - good work

  • Fixed my mkv file ok 8gb in few minutes by just drag and drop the original file and creating a new file

  • Wished someone would pick up this abandoned project.

  • Fixed everything I throw it at, and it was fast. 10/10

  • It worked. A mkv file showed longer duration (in vlc and mkvinfo) after add of a subtitle file using mkvmerge but mkvrepair reset the duration back to the original value. Thanks. The way the program is operated is that you drop the mkv file on the programs GUI and the program then repairs generating a new file as output. No options to pass and no questions asked.

  • Worked for me. Fixed an MKV file extracted from a corrupted archive.

  • No sirve para nada. Arrastre un archivo dañado como indica el programa, pero no dice ni hace nada. No sirve.

  • Worked for me on 1st file I tested. MKV crashed in VLC, then after Meteorite the broken part was "replaced" with a grey box in VLC and continued playing. Feature request, please consider naming the new file with Meteorite at the end of the file name so that the "before" and "after" files are next to each other. Also please consider adding some buttons on the software saying how the software works, where the new file will be located etc. Thankx

  • No stars (it made me add one to post review). It just doesn't work. Please don't waste your time.

  • An MKV file that played fine with VLC and PotPlayer would play only the audio using the Roku Media Player. After a pass through Meteorite it was still OK with the two PC players but the Roku Media Player reported the file as corrupt and would not play even the audio. I appreciate the author's effort on this as MKV repair is really needed, but at this point the program isn't up to the task.

  • It doesn't work. It failed on the first MKV I ever tried. The original MKV had a small glitch where video would stop playing in the middče pv the video but the sound continued. I could go around the problem by just moving the play slider a bit forward and then both audio and video continued normally. But I still wanted to see if Meteorite could fix it. The resulting MKV was not even playable anymore. I had to run it through MKVToolnix to make it playable again but the original glitch was still there. Granted the software is free, but it's also useless. Unsurprisingly.

  • I tried to build it with VS2010 but ran into compilation issues. I fixed them as I went along. I had to add an include a header file for the "xor" and those other "word" Boolean definitions (I prefer the native '^', etc) to get rid of the "undefined" errors. I want to compile with the original Code::Blocks project file (tweaked for VS2010 compilation) first, then see if I can convert it to a VS2010 project, just so I can us the Microsoft IDE debugger and make it a 64-bit app. I.e., I work with a lot of files that are over 6GB in size and I'd like my 4 and 6-core computers to process stuff quicker. I commend Erdem for his effort and great sense of humor. I can appreciate his contribution (I can't afford enough time to do much, but I hope I can whittle away at what I want do code, debug, build, and make satisfy my technical curiosities). I know it takes a lot of time to make something useful and am so glad he shared the source code. I love C++. Thank you, Art

  • Corrupted part was replaced by a blank screen, that's fine

  • meteorite is fast and easy to use

  • Good and useful software

  • Thanks, friends. meteorite is great

  • This is surely one of the best open source projects.

  • no trouble to install and run, works nicely.

  • Hey!! It didn't work for me.. if you wanna do some analysis why it didn't then you can search this filename on the web and can check it out.. ( Sherk 3 2007 720p BRRip x264 Dual Audio Eng-Hindi.mkv)... I just wanted to say that even though it didn't work for me but still I really appreciate your work... you are doing a really great job by helping others and putting a lot of efforts in making this project and that so is free of cost... I am not rich so I can't donate any money to you.. but all I can do is stand up and clap for you... Keep it up bro!!!

  • Wonderful work ! Thanks.

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