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Compare the Top Content Management Software of 2019

Compare the best Content Management software currently available using the table below.

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    AmeriCommerce Icon



    There's simply no other solution that does multiple storefronts, B2B eCommerce, and complex product catalogs quite like AmeriCommerce. Whether you're a small business or a high volume e-commerce giant, you can rest easy that AmeriCommerce is the feature-rich platform that won't limit you from scaling even larger. Try our free trial and see for yourself why merchants all over the world are choosing AmeriCommerce.

    Starting Price: $24.95/month
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    FileHold Document Management Software Icon

    FileHold Document Management Software

    FileHold Document Management software

    FileHold is an enterprise grade document management and document workflow solution that helps large organizations transition to a paperless work environment. Deployable on-premises or in a secure private or public cloud, FileHold offers a suite of features for document scanning, indexing, versioning, searching, document linking, and more. FileHold supports all browser types, a rich desktop environemnt and is mobile ready. Out of the box integraton with MS Office, SharePoint, Teams and Active Directory. Free fully documented API.

    Starting Price: $30.00 / user / month
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    TrueDialog Icon



    TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade SMS texting platform built for businesses and higher education institutions. TrueDialog is a plug and play business texting solution that comes with dozens of pre-built tools as well as a robust SMS texting API. Its applications include SMS marketing, SMS customer service, emergency alerts, and two-way texting.

    Starting Price: $79.00/month
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    BirdEye Icon



    BirdEye enables you to be the best business. BirdEye drives business growth by getting new reviews and improving customer experience. More than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to manage their reviews, be found online, collect customer feedback, interact with potential customers, ask customers to refer friends and family, improve operations and increase revenue. BirdEye’s all-in-one software includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, customer surveys, social listening, social publishing, social engagement, customer support ticketing, listings, webchat, customer referrals, business insights, and competitive benchmarking. Founded in 2012, BirdEye is headquartered in Silicon Valley and led by alumni from Google, Amazon and Yahoo. In 2019, BirdEye was ranked #60 in the “100 Best Software Companies” in the world by G2 Crowd. BirdEye is backed by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Trinity Ventures and World Innovation Lab.

    Starting Price: $250/month
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    Arlo - Software for Training Providers Icon

    Arlo - Software for Training Providers

    Arlo Training Software

    Arlo is training management software for training providers who want to save time and crush sales targets. It is a complete training management solution to promote, sell and deliver instructor-led, online and blended learning. Arlo takes care of your public training schedule, private in-house courses and ongoing training contracts, so you to manage your whole business in one system. It saves you time by automating manual processes and helps you grow with slick ecommerce and marketing tools. See for yourself by starting a free trial.

    Starting Price: $89.00/month/user
  • 6
    Socital: PopUps with personalization Icon

    Socital: PopUps with personalization

    Market Analytics Technology Ltd

    Easy to build PopUps with personalization for your e-shop. Our clients get up to 2x sales from personalized recommendations and +30% open rate for email campaigns. Socital uses proprietary algorithms to determine brand affiliations, personas, and other customer characteristics, in order to match products with individual buyers. We are a GDPR-compliant tool to address "cold start", through collecting (consent-only) customer data, create rich customer profiles and then serve only relevant recommendations with personalisation. We charge on a subscription base (SaaS model), starting from an option of free service for small e-shops. Installation can be done through Google Tag Manager and you can have your first PopUps with personalised recommendations in less than 60 mins. We also offer FREE trial for 14 days.

    Starting Price: 149.00/month
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    Sitejabber Icon



    Sitejabber helps you grow your business through reviews by increasing conversions and building a brand consumers will trust. Sitejabber helps you collect authentic business and product reviews directly from your customers to instill confidence in shoppers on your site and convert them into paying customers. Save money by reducing Google Ads spend by getting Google stars next to your PPC ads. Increase your click-through rates by up to 20% and increase your conversions by up to 30%. Sitejabber is an official certified Google reviews partner.

    Starting Price: From $49 per month
  • 8
    Proxyclick Icon



    Proxyclick is trusted by top companies like L'Oreal, Airbnb, and Audi to enhance their visitor experience while securing their premises and their data. We provide a universal solution to meet Enterprise needs and standardize processes in all your locations, with the flexibility of local customization. We keep our focus on creating the best VMS on the market. That's why we integrate with industry-leading access control systems, Wi-Fi providers, meeting room management platforms, and communication tools.

    Starting Price: $60.00/month
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    Cognito Forms Icon

    Cognito Forms

    Cognito Forms

    Cognito Forms is the form builder that empowers you to easily create powerful forms and interfaces. With extensive conditional logic tools, calculation capabilities and form connectivity, everyone from no-code users to full-fledged developers can create their own custom online tools to automate their work. Integrate with your existing systems and use Cognito Forms to speed development, or simply replace outdated paper-based processes with smarter digital solutions.

    Starting Price: $10.00/month
  • 10
    Zoey Icon



    Zoey is a powerful eCommerce solution for B2B and wholesale businesses. Our suite of B2B capabilities includes quote generation, customer groups, access restrictions, quick order capabilities, multi-theme support and more. B2C-standard capabilities are also included to empower merchants to let their customers self-serve common needs like reordering, order status and account maintenance.

    Starting Price: $299.00/month
  • 11
    LogicalDOC Icon



    LogicalDOC helps organizations around the world gain complete control over document management. Focusing on business process automation and fast content retrieval, this premier document management system (DMS) allows teams to create, collaborate, and manage large volumes of documents and stores valuable company data in a centralized repository. System features include a drag-and-drop document upload, forms management, optical character recognition (OCR), duplicate detection, barcode recognition, event logging, document archiving, integrated document workflow, and so much more. Schedule a free, no obligation, one-on-one demo today.

  • 12
    Systum Icon


    Systum, Inc.

    Become a world-class business through a single operating platform. Systum helps you to manage inventory, operations, sales and customer service all from a single software application. Then, use the power of business intelligence that comes from real-time customer data to transform your growing wholesale distribution business into a highly-profitable enterprise.

    Starting Price: $625/month
  • 13
    Dynamic Pricing by Omnia Retail Icon

    Dynamic Pricing by Omnia Retail


    Pricing automation, optimization, and retail management software for retailers big and small. Set any strategy you like, no matter how complex, for every single product in your assortment. Instantly get the best prices possible based on your strategy, product price elasticity, and internal data, then automatically adjust those prices on all channels. All you need to do is monitor your assortment from one easy-to-use portal. Curious? Click "free trial" to get started in 5 days or less.

  • 14
    ExpertSender Icon



    Increase customer engagement with personalized communications. Understand your customer's decision path and create an integrated multichannel customer journey that converts. Leverage behavioral data to engage your customers with the most relevant communications across the most appropriate channels. ExpertSender is a Multichannel Messaging Hub that helps you maximize your revenue with proven strategies. Ready to boost your sales? Schedule a demo today.

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    Showcase Workshop Icon

    Showcase Workshop

    Showcase Software Ltd

    Showcase assembles all of your enterprise’s sales and marketing collateral in one mobile, attractive, and branded space! Because it’s always up to date on your sales team’s tablets, it’s always ready to present. Showcase Workshop allows users to build their own 'apps' quickly and send them to their team members' smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. With Showcase Workshop, you can control content and distribute it to your sales teams in real-time. Showcase is 100% customisable and brandable - it looks like your app because you designed it yourself. Don't settle for rigid templates or themes - build presentation apps that totally reflect your brand.

    Starting Price: $20.00/month/user
  • 16
    Armatic Icon



    Armatic is the highest rated software solution for Payment Processing, Billing/Invoicing, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management. Billing and Invoicing: Create beautiful invoices with our powerful invoice editor synced into your accounting system. Provide a customer portal, automatic charging, payment collection, and apply late fees. Recurring Billing & Subscription Management: Armatic provides enterprise-class subscription billing management for fast-growing businesses worldwide. Enable trial periods, manage plans, or prorate subscriptions. Payment Processing: Armatic is processor agnostic and provides integrations to all types of payment solutions from credit card payments, ACH, SEPA to wires. We handle partial payments, automatic failed payment retry, and automatic payment recovery. Finance Team dramatically reduce outstanding AR with Armatic. Sales teams close more deals, and customer success teams improve customer satisfaction scores with Armatic.

    Starting Price: $35/user/month
  • 17
    Tovuti Icon



    Tovuti makes online training zenfully easy for both admins and learners. It's a perfect fit for nearly any type of organization, whether they simply want to train their employees, partners or customers, or they want to monetize their knowledge by charging for online training. Tovuti empowers admins to create more than 40 different types of interactive and gamified training modules, from interactive video to flash cards to memory matching games and more. You can also import PDFs, PowerPoints, Videos, SCORM files and more. Or, you can pull in up to 7,000 pre-built courses on everything from HR compliance to professional development. Once you have your courses in it's just a few clicks to import learners, group them, & assign them to courses, and then track and report on their progress. You can also leverage Tovuti's built-in live classroom (video conference) to hold live classes. The system also has packages that support subscriptions, events, eCommerce, websites, directories and more!

    Starting Price: $399 per month
  • 18
    Bloomfire Icon



    Bloomfire is a secure knowledge sharing platform that empowers teams to find information fast. Eliminate shoulder taps, frantic Slack requests, and repetitive questions by giving your team the knowledge they need, when and where they need it. Users can upload content in any format (including word documents, PDFs, videos, audio recordings, and slide decks) or create new content directly in the cloud-based platform. Bloomfire deep indexes every word in every file--including words spoken in videos-- so that users can quickly find what they’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to share knowledge across your entire company or within departments, Bloomfire helps break down silos and make information accessible to everyone who needs it. Bloomfire is currently powering the knowledge sharing efforts of leading companies including Capital One, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Jackson Hewitt, and Estee Lauder.

  • 19 Icon

    W3bstore manages orders, inventory and fulfillment across online and retail locations. A single, unified, master of records ensures consistent Pricing, Promotions and Inventory across channels and locations. Every stakeholder shares one view of customer history, resulting in better, more efficient service. Reports can be viewed from any web enabled device. Integrated POS and Online Store simplify, and secure transactions. This is the platform for merchants that sell online and in-store. Product details include: - Tiered Discounts, Customer Discounts, Kitting, Coupons, Cross-selling, Unlimited variants and modifiers - Customer Profiles, Detailed Order History, Groups and Email Marketing, Loyalty Rewards, Wishlists - Barcode scanning for checkout, receiving, stock-taking, stock transfers - Purchase Order Management, Accounting integrations. Shipping labels for 50+ carriers, Buy Online, Pickup In Store - Web designer and content management, Responsive templates

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
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    AMAGNO Digital Workplace Icon

    AMAGNO Digital Workplace


    The most advanced, single-solution, all-in-one Digital Workplace available for the Digital Native generation. Make the most of our ECM & DMS software functions and setup automatic data capture, data transfer, file storage, archives, and even the most complicated of office workflows. Our legally compliant, highly secure ECM software with built-in Privacy and Data Protection by Design and by Default will enable you to meet all modern audit requirements.

    Starting Price: €29 per user Partner badge
  • 21
    Cin7 Inventory Management Icon

    Cin7 Inventory Management


    Cin7 is a web based inventory system that helps businesses manage their inventory anywhere, in real time. Suitable for omni-channel retailers and wholesalers, Cin7 integrates cloud inventory, Point of Sale, warehouse management, B2B ecommerce, 3PL, and direct EDI, in one robust platform. Cin7 also features seamless integrations for Shopify, Magento, Xero, Amazon, Ebay and more.

    Starting Price: $299.00/month
  • 22
    Ecwid Icon



    Start selling online in 5 minutes with Ecwid. The #1 free e-commerce shopping cart and online store solution, Ecwid is trusted by over 1 million sellers in 175 countries. With Ecwid, merchants can sell online simultaneously on websites, mobile phones, social sites, and leading online marketplaces. The platform easily integrates into leading POS systems so sellers can market and offer their products and services anywhere at any time.

    Starting Price: $15.00/month
  • 23
    Prodoge Icon



    Prodoge is a platform for global business and payments. Anyone with the Prodoge mobile app can get started sending payments, promoting their business, and selling their goods & services in under a minute to anyone in the world. Prodoge helps buyers, sellers, friends, and family connect globally, send money, and grow their business. As a Peer to Peer platform, Prodoge does not act as a bank, charges zero fees to merchants, or people sending money, and settlements are near instant. No fees, no chargebacks, no waiting for your money. Global business is open to everyone. Start selling and sending payments today. Available now for iOS & Android. Supporting Dogecoin, Doge Cash, Verge, Digibyte, Bitcoin, and all major credit & debit cards via Stripe. Features: Mobile Point of Sale Mobile Invoicing & Payments Mobile Transaction Records Embeddable Widget Creator for Accepting Crypto Currency on Websites Profiles for accepting payments and selling your goods & services

    Starting Price: Free Partner badge
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    Kizeo Forms Icon

    Kizeo Forms


    Kizeo Forms contains two elements the Form builder and the mobile application. Collect data from any location and control the flow of information between your teams, customers, suppliers etc. Customize your forms and your app to meet your needs! Attach personalized reports and send emails based on the data entered on your forms. Save time, money and improve workforce efficiency! Our customers save 2 hours per day and have seen a 30% increase in workforce productivity!

    Starting Price: $9.90/month/user Partner badge
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    Synapse Icon



    Synapse software standardizes and streamlines instructional design so you can keep up with the demand for corporate training. The software manages the upfront processes associated with training creation. Customers can manage and prioritize training requests, standardize course structure and design, produce storyboards and blueprints and enable rapid prototyping of training courses. Project owners can easily collaborate with subject matter experts, reducing bottlenecks and increase the speed of training creation. Prototypes can exported into a number of different file formats, including SCORM, pdf, Powerpoint, PDF, XML and sharelinks. Synapse complements your existing authoring tools and Learning Management System (LMS). Founded in 2015, Synapse has clients across numerous sectors including financial services, oil and gas, retail, healthcare, technology and manufacturing.

    Starting Price: $12,000 Annually
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Software solutions for CMS (content management system) can seem like a daunting and highly confusing selection process, but examining what you need, what’s offered, the ease of use, overall performance, and customer support quality can help narrow down the options tremendously.

There are two broad categories for business CMS. The first provides services for website content publishing. The second provides an infrastructure to organize business documents. Of course, there’s also an array of specialized workflow software to consider, and vendors are constantly tweaking and updating their products - sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

This CMS guide will walk buyer through everything they need to know and consider to make the best possible selection for their business needs.

Content Management System: What Is It?

By content, the system can be designed to manage a plethora of items, including service invoices; record documents, such as birth certificates and medical records; office documents, such as spreadsheets; multimedia files; website copy; and social media content.

The actual system consists of software solutions to store, organize, and or create such content for you, the buyer.

When searching for a CMS product, buyers will find two main groupings, one for web content management and one for document management.

Document management systems, or DMS, mainly deals in printed or electronic content that’s for a business’s internal usage. In other words, this content isn’t distributed externally to the public. Contracts, invoices, company reports and so forth would be examples of the documents this type of system manages. Virtual data rooms are often used to securely serve and store such internal documents.

Web-CMS, or W-CMS, is CMS designed for company websites. These systems help to create content within a website that is intended for public distribution, such as blog content or building an online store front.

Common Features of Content Management Systems

Think of CMS products as the difference between a high-end, specialty knife and a good-functioning multitool. Some products are single applications that excel in a speciality service. Other products offer a more integrated suite of services that’s geared to cover many bases and offer multiple applications under a single roof.

Each DMS or W-CMS application is designed to manage a certain type(s) of content, with some applications being offered solo and some as part of a bundled suite.

Publishing has creating features like text editing, blogging modules, web page creation, and workflow management.

E-commerce assists in online store creation and maintenance. E-forms helps to create client-completed forms. Intranet is used to distribute content to employees through an internal website. Social networking allows readers to interact with social media content, share it, and comment on it.

As far as DMS goes, document capture and image processing is used to convert print to digital copy. Digital asset management uploads, stores, and organizes digital media. Case management creates business process documents and automates the workflow process. Contract management tracks and automates transaction documents throughout their need to exist. Records management stores, organizes, archives, and retrieves company records. Business process management is for more large-scale, advanced document tracking and workflow management. Reporting and analytics assists in compliance issues.

What Does Enterprise Content Management Mean?

Enterprise content management, or ECM, is a term often seen within CMS offerings. ECM has multiple products that fall under its umbrella, but the key distinguishing feature of this type of content management is that the solutions are all designed for a business’s large-scale content needs.

However, large-scale doesn’t imply that the business must be some mass conglomerate to need/use ECM. What makes a CMS be subcategorized as a ECM is based on size, scale and affiliation in relative terms.

EMS is associated with document management products more so than W-CMS. As such, it’s affiliation is often interchangeably used within the broader category.

Enterprise is also a term reflective of the size of the company employing it. The natural functioning of larger companies is that they simply produce more content volume and require a larger scale and higher functioning system to meet that demand. So, enterprise vendors specifically have the expertise and systems to meet those high-volume content demands. That’s not to say small to midsize businesses can’t benefit from EMS, especially if the have a business model highly reliant upon content in their primary business functions.

Lastly is scale, which is indicative of a multi-department business model working together for central, cohesive objectives. So, ECM is used to meet unified company-wide document solutions and strategies verses software needs that vary across the individual multi-departmental units within a company.

CMS Case Management Application

Let’s take a case of a chain business distributing company content throughout its locations to individual workers via electronic records on company servers and a CRM system.

A customer previously called to make a complaint. Under the above system, management of this complaint may be in an employee’s human memory alone, on a slip of paper in a landfill, or lost in the email abyss. If the complaint is unresolved and the customer calls back, then the chances are that the complaint process will start at ground zero again and only further delay or incapacitate a resolve. The customer is likely lost.

CMS software for document management solutions enables the same scenario to go much differently. The second call from the customer would involve the employee being able to pull up the customer’s account to view every interaction involved and any standardized informational guidelines to help the employee assess the subsequent steps to be taken.

Determine The Type Of CMS A Business Needs

There are a lot of CMS products to choose from on the market, making it difficult for businesses to determine exactly which type best meets their needs. It helps to identify yourself within a buyer profile common to the CMS marketplace.

Is your website considered novice? Buyers implementing their first website or undergoing their initial functionality assessments often look to CMS for help in either creating or revamping under-leveraged aspects in marketing and business operations. A user-friendly W-CMS solution can help website owners find the tools they need to better engage users.

You want to upgrade from print-documents? Most first-time buyers of CMS are small business owners evaluating initiating CMS as a way to digitize and modernize from their current desktop applications like Microsoft Word. Their files are being stored on desktops and copies are simply click and print, an outdated process by any standard. A starter to mid-range document solution would enable you to digitize storage, organization, and processing of your company’s documents.

You need a content management solution for only a specific department within your business? You’re called a departmental buyer. Take a Human Resources department as an example; you may need a specific system to organize existing employee records and introduce new employee records.

You need multiple software systems interacting with the CMS? You need a universal CMS solution to replace the various departmental CMS solutions existing throughout your various departments. These are large enterprise needs, requiring extensive customization to achieve security, create consistency, or initiate an in-depth analysis to improve business operations and processes. Enterprise content management solutions would meet this buyer’s needs.

Your industry is highly regulated? You have very strict guidelines to follow in order to comply with protecting sensitive documents and records and/or stringent requirements for reporting? Such entities exist throughout government bodies, the health care industry, and financial institutions. Specialized CMS products are a market niche that serve compliance, audit, and reporting needs of such regulated industries.

CMS Benefits

There are innumerable benefits to implementing the right CMS software for your business, no matter its size or niche. However, it’s imperative to ensure you’ve implemented the appropriate document solution, the appropriate way. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for unwarranted failure.

Most companies failing to reap the rewards of CMS experience this failure for one, if not all, of three reasons. First, they’ve failed to first research how their users create, share, and store content in relation to current practices. Second, they neglect to properly train and transition their staff toward the newly applied document solution. Third, as it relates to other operational caveats of their business, they haven’t invested in the right integrations and customizations to streamline the document solution into these other processes that remain at work.

If properly integrated, however, CMS has the potential for invaluable benefits. It helps to maintain a secure documentation, reporting, and compliance system for highly regulated operations. Scanning and uploading documents improves appropriate accessibility, record-keeping, and efficiency. Streamlining is improved with automation and workflow software.

An interactive website helps attract and retain users, engaging them in high-quality, easy to navigate content.

Ensure You Understand CMS Market Trends

Again, buyers are faced with innumerable offerings for content management software. As you complete your due-diligence, you’ll want to keep some CMS industry trends in mind, such as cloud-based CMS, if the CMS involves collaboration, and compliance needs.

One of the biggest moving trends in both document and website content management is cloud-based CMS. Traditional content management involves an on-site intranet. This new trend is an alternative storage solution using cloud-based subscriptions. It’s offered by innovative companies like Acquia, M-files, and SpringCM.

Content is rarely created by just one individual within a company or contract agency. Many hands and eyes are involved in collaborating to author and create the totality of a business’s documents. To be efficient and accurate, the process requires tools for these individuals and groups to share and discuss amongst themselves as they work. If you doubt these collaboration tools are needed, demanded, essential, then just look at the 55% subscription growth Yammer experienced in the first year the chat tool was acquired by Microsoft Sharepoint as proof.

In 2012, the Managing Government Records Directive was signed into law. It focused in on financial, government, and health industry applications in relation to records regulations. Digital record keeping, audits, and security have some strict regulations and heavy penalties for lack of compliance. Any regulated industry needs document management solutions to not only comply with existing laws... but to stay on-task with the ever-evolving criteria and standards being set forth at any given time.

Stick To Tried And True Selection Tactics For New Software Vendors

Variables, variables, and more variables. The amount to consider when selecting a new software vendor is mind numbing. You want the due diligence of the selection process to be as thorough as it is expedient. Here is a user-proven tactic strategy to help you along. Make sure you check each off the list before you proceed to signing on the dotted line.

Complete a request for proposal. Check your vendor’s references. Always allow your business attorney to review agreements and contracts. Assess the financial viability of any potential vendor.

CMS Pricing Options

Basically CMS software is priced one of two ways. You’ll need to determine which best suits your needs based on your business model and budget.

Subscription-based pricing is a monthly or annual fee rate. SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, is based around how many users will access the system. It may alternatively (or in addition) be based on usage of storage space.

The other option is a one-time/one-user/one-computer rate. This varies in conditions. Some require licenses for each user and some allow multiple users on one license. Services like support and training may require additional fees.

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