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Compare the Top Human Resources Software of 2019

Compare the best Human Resources software currently available using the table below.

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    Together Enterprise Learning Icon

    Together Enterprise Learning

    Together Software

    Together's software makes it simple for Learning and Development leaders to run social learning programs in their organization like mentoring, onboarding buddy programs, HiPo programs and more. In particular, our software can help facilitate the registration, pairing, guidance and reporting of enterprise learning programs where you are pairing one or more employees together. Move out of spreadsheets and simplify the management of these programs while getting deeper insight than ever before.

    Starting Price: $6.00/month/user
  • 2
    MoBerries Icon



    MoBerries is an automated candidate sourcing channel, connecting actively looking candidates to companies via AI-based matching. Source more candidates faster, the AI engine adjusts sourcing based on recruiting managers feedback. The MoBerries AI-engine filters candidate quality and its software can be integrated into companies' Application Tracking Systems. All partner companies refer candidates for urgent-to-be-placed positions to MoBerries - Germanys largest Shared Talent Pool. This enables companies to hire candidates almost in real-time. With the MoBerries AI, you hire 1 out of 10 candidates!

    Starting Price: €351/month
  • 3
    PAIRIN Hiring Icon

    PAIRIN Hiring


    PAIRIN Hiring enables companies to easily and efficiently hire top performers by identifying mindsets and soft skills that are crucial for a specific job role and company’s culture. Never pay per assessment again and start hiring for the soft skills and mindsets that make YOUR top performers successful. With PAIRIN, small and medium-sized businesses experience up to a 67% reduction in employee turnover, up to an 86% reduction in applicant evaluation time and often save millions of dollars per year with more predictable personnel decisions. When time and resources matter, start prioritizing your applicants based on the soft skills that matter. Sign up for a FREE trial today!

    Starting Price: $199.00/month/user
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    ClockVIEW Icon


    Acumen Data Systems

    Get complete visibility on your employees' time and manage company policies better with ClockVIEW by Acumen Data Systems. A complete solution that automates employee time and attendance, ClockVIEW helps managers prevent and solve employee attendance management headaches. It features failproof mobile and biometric timekeeping, integration with leading payroll and HR software, labor management component, employee messaging, over 75 reports, and more.

    Starting Price: $1.49/month/employee
  • 5
    Org Chart Software Icon

    Org Chart Software


    Pingboard is a better way to build, manage and share your Org Chart. Browse your organization with a beautiful, dynamic org chart, filled with photos of your employees. The org chart is kept up-to-date for you as people change managers when you connect to your IT or HR system. You can export and share the org chart, and access it from your phone.

    Starting Price: $29.00/month
  • 6
    JobBoardHQ Icon



    Cloud based, mobile-ready job boards for associations, recruiters, corporations, and entrepreneurs. Features include job maps, custom fill-in forms, job alerts, resume search, email marketing, job feeds, job scraping, category filters, and management tools. E-Commerce with flexible pricing packages, custom products, and automatic recurring billing. Replace your current web site or run your board as a sub-domain. Built and supported in the USA. No term commitment and support is free.

  • 7
    Employee Engagement Icon

    Employee Engagement

    Culture Amp

    The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. We make it easy to understand what drives employee commitment, pride, recommendation and motivation, and to improve your peoples journey from onboarding to exit. Get started quickly by adapting our library of ready-to-use templates and benchmarks to suit your needs. Based on research, backed by data, and powered by people geeks at the world's most innovative companies.

    Starting Price: $3,300/year
  • 8
    Mentornity Icon


    Mentornity, Inc.

    The Best Mentoring Software For Engagement, Sustainability and High Impact! All in One Solution to Manage Successful Mentoring Programs. Top Organizations And Award-Winning Programs Are Using Mentornity! GREAT FEATURES TO MAKE YOUR PROGRAM EXCELLENT : ✔ Analytics ✔ Matching ✔ Custom On boarding ✔ Calendar Integrations ✔ In-App Video Calls ✔ Effective Scheduling ✔ Enables Structured Mentoring ✔ Easy Customization ✔ Messages ✔ Meeting Notes ✔ Surveys, Forms & Announcements

    Starting Price: $119/mo For 50 users ( Total Price, No Setup Fee )
  • 9
    LanteriaHR Icon



    LanteriaHR is a customizable HR software solution designed for mid-sized and large businesses. Based on Microsoft SharePoint and Office365, LanteriaHR serves as a digital HR assistant, offering a vast range of tools for automating essential HR processes, recruiting candidates, tracking time and attendance, tracking employee performance, delivering targeted learning programs, and more. LanteriaHR is user-friendly and reliable.

    Starting Price: $5/month/user
  • 10
    Jobma Icon



    Jobma's cloud-based Video Interviewing solution increases your teams productivity, flexibility and creates a great candidate experience which will bring your hiring team and talent closer together by breaking down the barriers of time and location. Using Jobma you can setup Pre-recorded & Live Video Interviews. Our video interviewing increases your recruiter productivity and improves your candidate experience. Jobma offers free ATS Integrations and is available in 14 languages.

    Starting Price: $199.00/year Partner badge
  • 11
    Calamari Icon



    Calamari is a simple, but web and mobile system for leave and attendance management. The platform is divided into two modules, so businesses only pay for what they need. The Clock-in and Clock-out module utilizes QR scanning and Bluetooth devices in conjunction with the mobile app to measure work time hours and sends alert about late arrivals, unexpected absences, and other abuses. The Leave Management module creates absence calendars for employees and can automate absence allowance based on company policy. It's integrated with Slack, GSuite, JIRA, Office365, iMac Calendar, MS Excel.

    Starting Price: $1.00/month/user
  • 12
    CakeHR Icon


    HR Bakery

    CakeHR is an award-winning, SaaS-based HR system that relies on the self-service model to simplify HR. Coupling intuitive design and ease of navigation with a robust set of required features, CakeHR is the perfect mix of accessibility and functionality for SMEs. With CakeHR small and medium businesses can enjoy 360 feedback, goal tracking, expense overviews, employee scheduling, recruiting and strong, visual reporting – from one dashboard. Using CakeHR leads to a direct decrease in the frequency of emails, a spike in employee efficiency through automation tools and a boost in engagement thanks to organizational transparency. Comes with Android and iOS applications.

    Starting Price: $4.20/month/user
  • 13
    FileInvite Icon



    Make document collection a breeze with FileInvite, a cloud-based solution that transforms the way businesses collect information from clients. Convenient and easy to use, FileInvite helps business users collect the information they need by simply creating and sending a FileInvite to their clients with the information they require. The client then completes the requested information via a secure portal. The platform also lets business users set up and send automated reminders to ensure they get the information required from their clients on time.

    Starting Price: $12.00/month/user
  • 14
    StaffCop Icon


    Atom Security

    StaffCop provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity. Collect Collect all activity events at the end points for subsequent analysis, notifications and decision making. Analyze Automatic and statistical analysis of data to detect anomalies of user behavior, identify incidents, insiders and disloyal employees. Alert Automatic alerts about violations of security policies, dangerous and unproductive activities of employees. Report Pre-configured & self-made reports width periodic e-mail sending. You can easily create reports with a powerful constructor. Block Blocking access to "negative" sites, running applications and removable USB-storages to reduces the risk of malware infection and increase employee productivity. Review Search for all data for keywords and regular expressions, easy correlation & drilldown

    Starting Price: $69.00/one-time/user
  • 15
    CloudTalk Icon



    Searching for a smart call centre software? Try, a new-generation cloud phone system for SMEs, startups, online stores or call centres (sales and customer service teams). 25+ integrations with favourite CRM, helpdesk or e-commerce tools as Shopify, SalesForce, Pipedrive, Intercom at hand along with a 5-star rated customer success team make it easy to seamlessly migrate or set up your new cloud call centre from scratch. We are rapidly growing every month and we have already successful cooperation with 1000+ companies across the world like DHL, Yves Rocher or Karcher. Try 14 day FREE trial from CloudTalk (no credit card details required).

    Starting Price: $10.00/month Partner badge
  • 16
    Rhythm Systems Icon

    Rhythm Systems

    Rhythm Systems

    Rhythm software provides a competitive advantage to help high-growth companies execute and hit their strategic growth goals. Rhythm Systems cloud-based strategic planning software and white-glove service provide a competitive advantage to help fast-growth companies execute and hit their growth goals more predictably. Our clients use Rhythm to document their strategic plans and create weekly dashboards so their teams can be held accountable to execute against them with precision. Our implementation is quick and painless. We put your strategic plan into Rhythm and your team is up and running at your next weekly meeting.

  • 17
    Arlo - Software for Training Providers Icon

    Arlo - Software for Training Providers

    Arlo Training Software

    Arlo is training management software for training providers who want to save time and crush sales targets. It is a complete training management solution to promote, sell and deliver instructor-led, online and blended learning. Arlo takes care of your public training schedule, private in-house courses and ongoing training contracts, so you to manage your whole business in one system. It saves you time by automating manual processes and helps you grow with slick ecommerce and marketing tools. See for yourself by starting a free trial.

    Starting Price: $89.00/month/user
  • 18
    Sitejabber Icon



    Sitejabber helps you grow your business through reviews by increasing conversions and building a brand consumers will trust. Sitejabber helps you collect authentic business and product reviews directly from your customers to instill confidence in shoppers on your site and convert them into paying customers. Save money by reducing Google Ads spend by getting Google stars next to your PPC ads. Increase your click-through rates by up to 20% and increase your conversions by up to 30%. Sitejabber is an official certified Google reviews partner.

    Starting Price: From $49 per month
  • 19
    KMI LMS Icon


    KMI Learning

    KMI is an end-to-end eLearning company with all the technology and services that virtually any organization needs to launch an eLearning initiative or take an existing one to the next level. From our learning management system (LMS) and custom content development services, to a full range of integration, hosting and implementation services, we offer the support necessary to develop and support outward facing online academies and inward facing employee training programs.

  • 20
    PurelyHR : Time-Off Icon

    PurelyHR : Time-Off

    Ironflow Technologies

    Time-Off is a fully automated, 100% web-based software solution for managing employee leave, absence, time-off, and attendance that is developed by PurelyHR. Featuring three types of users (i.e., admins, managers, and employees), Time-Off by PurelyHR provides each user with their own access levels and permissions. Valuable features and capabilities include audit trails of all time-off requests, multi-level approvals, automatic length of service accruals, time-off reminders, bulk user imports/updates, Google Calendar and Outlook integrations, and more.

    Starting Price: $45.00/month
  • 21
    Spark Chart Icon

    Spark Chart

    Spark Chart

    Powerful survey software for business consultants and leaders! Create & deploy any type of professional survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions and improve performance. Discover what customers say and recommend? Use NPS to measure customer loyalty to brand, company, product or service. 360 degree feedback to find out how leaders are perceived and identify their strengths & development needs? Explore opinions, brainstorm and generate ideas. Conduct research to get a deeper understanding of markets and potential customers. 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts.

    Starting Price: $25/month Partner badge
  • 22
    Resource Guru Icon

    Resource Guru

    Resource Guru

    Resource Guru offers a fast and simple way of scheduling, people, equipment, and other resources online. Designed to replace clunky, old scheduling spreadsheets, Resource Guru helps managers get organized fast. The platform covers resource planning, resource scheduling, resource management, staff leave management, reporting, and more. Resource Guru is available for as low as $2.50 per person/month.

    Starting Price: $2.50/month/user
  • 23
    Armatic Icon



    Armatic is the highest rated software solution for Payment Processing, Billing/Invoicing, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management. Billing and Invoicing: Create beautiful invoices with our powerful invoice editor synced into your accounting system. Provide a customer portal, automatic charging, payment collection, and apply late fees. Recurring Billing & Subscription Management: Armatic provides enterprise-class subscription billing management for fast-growing businesses worldwide. Enable trial periods, manage plans, or prorate subscriptions. Payment Processing: Armatic is processor agnostic and provides integrations to all types of payment solutions from credit card payments, ACH, SEPA to wires. We handle partial payments, automatic failed payment retry, and automatic payment recovery. Finance Team dramatically reduce outstanding AR with Armatic. Sales teams close more deals, and customer success teams improve customer satisfaction scores with Armatic.

    Starting Price: $35/user/month
  • 24
    Tovuti Icon



    Tovuti makes online training zenfully easy for both admins and learners. It's a perfect fit for nearly any type of organization, whether they simply want to train their employees, partners or customers, or they want to monetize their knowledge by charging for online training. Tovuti empowers admins to create more than 40 different types of interactive and gamified training modules, from interactive video to flash cards to memory matching games and more. You can also import PDFs, PowerPoints, Videos, SCORM files and more. Or, you can pull in up to 7,000 pre-built courses on everything from HR compliance to professional development. Once you have your courses in it's just a few clicks to import learners, group them, & assign them to courses, and then track and report on their progress. You can also leverage Tovuti's built-in live classroom (video conference) to hold live classes. The system also has packages that support subscriptions, events, eCommerce, websites, directories and more!

    Starting Price: $399 per month
  • 25
    Shortlist Icon



    Shortlist is the smartest, fastest way to onboard, organize, and pay your freelancer network. Our Freelance Management platform is used by over 70,000 users and the world’s largest brands to streamline and grow their businesses. We help companies of all sizes scale, manage, and pay their remote workforce on a single platform. We are focused on the end to end lifecycle, helping you source, onboard, engage and pay your freelancers.

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What is HR Software?

By 2023, the human resources software market is expected to reach around #10.9 billion. Most companies are already aware of this type of software, but the software is constantly changing with the release of new apps. As technology changes, the HR software has evolved to reflect the affects of technology on new inventions on software techniques and abilities.

At the beginning of HR software, it was restricted and only dealt with things like payroll, benefits, and employee records. However, due to technology needs and automation demand, the market has expanded exponentially. Customer expectations have also changed, and now, employees are more willing to use self-models for things like time off requests, benefits management, and payroll. Overall, this frees up a lot of administrators time, and allows their HR professionals to focus on things like recruiting, branding, company culture, and employee performance.

Different HR Platforms

A lot of HR software, on the market, has a changeable nature, and due to this, companies have several names for different platforms, based on what they offer.

One general type of platform is the Multi-tool on-premise or cloud solutions, and some of these specific platforms are Human Capital Management (HCM), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), HR Administration software, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), Talent Management Systems, and Core HR.

A few of the best SaaS categories that can be found within HR software are Time Clock Software, Recruiting Software, Performance Management Software, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), Payroll, Employee Engagement Software, and Learning Management Software (LMS).

The traditional segments in HR management software have changed very little since the late 1980s, but how they handle these segments have. A few of the staple HRMS products in HR software are time and attendance, benefits management, and payroll. Therefore, as the market grows, these things have to be accounted for and technology is used to help make the systems lighter, and they also take into account of new trends surrounding Human Resources.

Giants of the HR software world have taken measures to keep their competitive edge by investing in multi-tool HRM software like ADP, Oracle, SAP. They have been able to do this by acquiring several successful startups, in the industry, and then they turn around and integrated their tools into the platforms they are already running. This trend is expected to continue because startups are flexible and able to move quicker on establishing core HR companies by emerging technologies. Startups are the ones that have the capital to acquire what is needed.

HR Software Solutions Categories

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

This is an umbrella term that describes several distinct software types in the HR market. Although these systems are known by several names, they all have the same purpose. They are meant to help store benefits administration, individualized employee data, and manage payroll. Plus, they are also able to help with a company's legal employment requirements and company regulation requirements.

Using newer HR programs have helped decrease the overall time that HR professionals have to spend manually inputting data, but it is estimated that they still have to spend around 50 percent of their time still completing manual tasks. This is closely followed by shuffling information across the organization with HR tools and making manual adjustments.

The main purpose of HRIS systems is to assist HR professionals with automating and streamlining the three main pillars of HR management, which are benefits management, payroll, and time and attendance. The modern solutions to HRIS software has drastically helped with reducing manual data entry. A few of the most common features that HR departments look for when choosing an HRIS software are self-service employee portals, time tracking, payroll, employee scheduling, and benefits management.

A few extra features that HRIS software can offer include performance management, recruiting, applicant tracking, and accounting.

Less than half of companies utilize a cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Due to the time and difficulty of implementation, it hasn't really sped up much time for these companies. Most companies that are leaders in the HRIS software world are giants in the industry, and this is because they have the on-boarding necessary to help with promising data security, flexibility, and accuracy. HR administration software is subject to industry regulations because they deal with sensitive and personal information of all employees like banking, tax information, and personal identification data. The industry regulations that they have to meet come from the current local, federal tax, and state requirements.

Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking Systems

Traditional data-entry and administrative tasks use to be a large part of how HR employees filled their days, and recruiting and tracking applicants were a huge part of what they had to spend time on. Thanks to new HR software, HR professionals do not have to spend as much time on the traditional data entry items, and this is excellent for companies because it allows their HR department to focus on hiring stellar employees and attracting the best applicants for the positions they have to fill.

Recruiting software and applicant tracking systems have a lot in common, and they generally look at a lot of the same things. However, they differ in how they scale the information that they acquire. Applicant tracking systems are designed for companies that need to be able to track things like engagement modules and performance management. Plus, they include features that help put into perspective things like resumes, job boards, on-boarding, and interviews.

Before purchasing specialized recruiting software or applicant tracking software, a business should make sure that it fits their business by ready the detailed feature descriptions and overview the particular software program.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS or eLearning systems are used to help companies track different learning objectives of their employees, like their skills, qualifications, certifications, and education. It is also used to help set up classes and training for employees that need it in specific areas. LMS can function inside of ERP software or ATS, but there are also stand alone options that suit businesses based on their size.

Traditional LMS are extremely helpful for managers, because they allow them to track their employees performance and appraise different metrics, while giving them the option of approving things like calendars, training, and budgets. LMS is excellent at doing its job, but generally, companies have to hire or have someone in their HR department that has the proper training experience in order for it to work properly.

Not all companies can afford to have an in-house professional for E-Learning. Thankfully, there ready-made learning content platforms that are actually available to help these companies. The downside to these types of programs are that they are not specifically tailored for each individual company, but they do provide different tools and courses that are specific to different industries. They are designed to help individuals with overall productivity and engagement. Plus, after taking courses through this type of software, individuals can have their progress and records ported over to their company's HRIS or employee engagement software.

There is more information that can be found about different e-Learning systems and learning management software by going through the different features that can be found about the individual software.

Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software is an excellent way for managers to help keep track of their employees goals, improvement, and skills. This type of software is used by companies to coach their employees on different skill levels, and they also help to keep track of updates on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis. This data is then used by managers and HR professionals to understand and see a clear view of how their employees are doing in certain roles.

Just like most HR software programs, performance management software can be integrated with other HR software like employment engagement software and LMS. This makes since, because they all provide the same thing with different metrics to make sure that the company's employees are well-rounded.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement software is meant to help managers and HR professionals improve and increase the engagement of their individual employees and teams by setting daily work priorities that they need to meet. It is excellent software because it is does more than just measure employees' current skill levels. It also helps to provide different types of feedback and coaching options to help improve their level by assigning daily tasks to employees.

A few of the features that employee engagement systems use to monitor these things are analytics, survey tools, gamification, and follow up workflows. Companies can set up the software to promote their employees on a daily or weekly basis to allow them to view their progress towards their goals, provide feedback on their feelings about their work, and any new or current work priorities that need to be dealt with.

You can view the overview of employee engagement software to learn the most about this type of HR software and to decide if it is what's right for you. You can even get free recommendations about what you need in this type of software to suit your current software needs.

Current Trends

The HR software market is constantly growing, which means constant changes in how things work. For most platforms, mobile capabilities, analytics, and social integration have become common features and are no long classified as being innovative selling points. Below, are a few of the ongoing trends that some of the best HR software providers are currently using in the market.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI is no longer a thing of the distant future. It has become undeniable for the growth of software, and according to many companies, they are planning to add to their budges to allow for more AI by 2019. AI companies have been focusing on building tools that will help managers and HR professionals in on-boarding and recruiting new employees. A major trend that they are using this software for is to build more intelligent pulse surveys. Machine Learning is most often found in LMS software that handles e-Learning, and it helps to better understand the types of learning that employees need to improve their performance by establishing learning behavior and patterns of their employees.

Machine learning and AI are still relatively new technologies that are being used in HR software, but it is expected to make big strides and to become the norm in the next few years, as new technologies appear and mature.

Talent Management vs. Team Management

Over the years, employment management styles have went through several trends, and they swing quite a lot on the personalization scale. As of 2016, a lot of companies chose to move more towards focusing on teams, and only about 38 percent of companies in the business world decided to base their organization on different functional divisions. A lot of companies have chosen to go with ways of managing their teams by placing employees together that have common outcome goals in mind, It is what makes the most sense to them.

Due to this trend, HR professionals and managers have had to move more towards performance management software to be able to look at the overall picture of the company's employee engagement. For organizations that lean towards team goal-setting, this trend is expected to be seen frequently in their decision making.

Movement to the Cloud

Based on what was originally expected, HR systems that are cloud based have developed a lot slower. The cloud movement was picked up quickly by small businesses and startups, but the larger established companies have had a hard time wrapping their head around moving away from their original on-premise and legacy systems.

Another thing that has slowed the progression of the cloud movement is because HR software houses so much personal and confidential information. It can be complicated to get all of that information to transfer over properly when switching it from one system to another. Therefore, many companies have decided to stick with their current HR software to avoid this lengthy time process.

Integrated Systems vs. Best of Breed

Due to wanting to move towards cloud software, a lot of companies have began using several HR platforms throughout their HR department to manage the different parts of an employee life cycle, rather than using a HRIS. This choice can sometimes be finically motivated, as bell, but there are a lot of factors companies have to consider.

Depending on the size of the company, it can take years or several months for an HRIS to be implemented. This is because it acts as a central house for everything related to their employees. A few of the these things are performance management, benefits, payroll, time tracking, employee engagement, succession management, and LMS and eLearning.

Some companies choose to implement different software to cover these areas, and they are usually comfortable with using SaaS's subscriptions, which allow them to switch and change, as needed as the business grows or downsizes as necessary.

The final option that some companies choose to do is implement an ERP system, rather than using SaaS software or a HRIS. This type of software is generally more sophisticated and complicated then HRIS system, however, they include vital features that HRIS systems do not like financial systems and supply chain management.

Culture & Company Branding

Company branding and workplace culture always affects every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Companies have used recruitment strategies that appear to be employee health and wellness programs and marketing to give their culture a positive outlook. This is one way that companies avoid the rising cost of deal with things like mental health issues and substance abuse that can drastically hinder benefits coverage and time loss.

Having the positive culture and branding helps individual employees and HR professionals to push for things like wellness benefits, professional development, and eLearning programs to help get rid of harmful workplace cultures. HR software like LMS, recruiting systems, and performance management can help to track the priorities needed to improve these types of programs.

Choosing the Best HR Software

Choosing and navigating HR landscape doesn't have to be frustrating or hard, and companies do not have to go through it alone. They can read reviews and interviews from other companies and the developers of the software programs before purchasing them to make sure that they are a right fit for that particular company.

They can take questionnaires to get free recommendations about what HR software programs will work the bet for them, and it will give companies a detailed and personalized list of what HR software programs will be best for their company by merely answering a few questions.

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