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10Duke Identity Provider offers a quick to integrate customer identity management solution, allowing access to applications using a single identity. Using the same credentials user can access a variety of services the way Google offers access to all of their apps via one login.

Provided on a white-label basis, this Single Sign-On facility can be extended to a variety of actors, enabling SSO for consumers as well as between organisations or applications.


Standards-based, supports key standard protocols, incl. SAML 2 & OAuth 2
Delegated Authentication & SSO
3rd party ID Providers can be used, incl. Facebook & Google
MFA & federated identity
Supports ID Provider environments such as: RHEL389 DS, Active Directory, LDAP

Reduces cost of customer identity & credential management, strengthens security, reduces the risk of a breach via centralized authentication point, enables a single ‘view’ of the customer, provides usage data per user, improves user experience.


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Founded: 2007
United Kingdom

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10Duke Identity Provider Product Features

Identity Management

Access Request Management
Account Management
Compliance Management
Multifactor Authentication
Password Management
Role Management
Single Sign On
User Activity Monitoring
User Provisioning