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Compare 10x10 alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to 10x10 in 2019. Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from 10x10 competitors and alternatives in order to make an informed decision for your business.

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    MoBerries Icon



    MoBerries is an automated candidate sourcing channel, connecting actively looking candidates to companies via AI-based matching. Source more candidates faster, the AI engine adjusts sourcing based on recruiting managers feedback. The MoBerries AI-engine filters candidate quality and its software can be integrated into companies' Application Tracking Systems. All partner companies refer candidates for urgent-to-be-placed positions to MoBerries - Germanys largest Shared Talent Pool. This enables companies to hire candidates almost in real-time. With the MoBerries AI, you hire 1 out of 10 candidates!

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    Jobma Icon



    Jobma's cloud-based Video Interviewing solution increases your teams productivity, flexibility and creates a great candidate experience which will bring your hiring team and talent closer together by breaking down the barriers of time and location. Using Jobma you can setup Pre-recorded & Live Video Interviews. Our video interviewing increases your recruiter productivity and improves your candidate experience. Jobma offers free ATS Integrations and is available in 14 languages.

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    EnterpriseAxis HRIS Icon

    EnterpriseAxis HRIS

    EnterpriseAxis, LLC

    Now is your time to get connected to a powerful network that runs your office, so you can grow your business. Our Human Resources Information System is designed to help you reduce your expenses, save on labor costs, and simplify your workflow using one central tool that integrates your business operations. Our HRIS Network is unique because it connects the core functions of your business so you have a global view of your operations. There is nothing to install or maintain. EnterpriseAxis® HR Information System is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) HRIS platform, allowing you to access the network anytime, anywhere. Just Connect & Go!!

    Starting Price: $49/month
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    Janeous Icon


    Hawkins Global Pte Ltd

    Shorten your recruiting from 5 weeks to 5 minutes. Speed recruitment platform, matching talent for live video interviews. We've streamlined your interview schedule with our digital job fair format. We auto-schedule your speed interviews during this blocked-off time, so you can take care of your interviews all at once. The rapid-fire interviews help keep you on time and on point. Leave your interview with a decision about moving to the next step; "Do I feel I want to talk to this person again?" - With our dual-sided, anonymous feedback system, you will know about any negative feedback trends and address it before it affects your company's reputation. - During your interview, easily keep track of the job details, and candidate profile. Take notes that you can revisit later. - Chat with candidates during and post-interview, and for your best candidates, seamlessly continue the hiring process by asking them to attach a resume to the chat or share their email address.

    Starting Price: Free (Basic)
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    Woven Icon



    If your engineering team is growing fast, you need to optimize your hiring funnel. Our data-driven hiring platform was crafted by software team leaders, for software team leaders just like you. 33% of our customers’ inbound hires would have been missed in a traditional hiring process. We help you find those talented candidates that often go overlooked. By sorting your applicants based on performance, you end up with more qualified candidates in the final interview stage, so you never feel like you’re compromising on candidate quality. Woven allows you to see how each candidate stacks up to your current engineering team, and identify the value they’ll add before you extend an offer. Our team provides candidates with a better application experience by sending detailed exercise feedback to every applicant, allowing them to learn areas for improvement.

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    TapRecruit Icon



    TapRecruit offers a comprehensive recruiting analytics suite designed for hiring teams that helps you diagnose quality and diversity issues throughout your talent pipeline. The TapRecruit Smart Editor goes beyond gendered language to help hiring teams write job descriptions that are thoughtful, concise, and welcoming to candidates from every background. TapRecruit provides the content and language guidance you need to write job descriptions that encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or background.

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    Jobsoid Icon


    Teknorix Systems

    Jobsoid is an all-in-one online applicant tracking system (ATS) specifically built for hiring managers and recruiters. Scalable and easy to use, Jobsoid helps simplify every step of the recruitment process in organizations, from sourcing potential candidates to hiring the right talent. This intelligent recruitment software solution automatically screens candidate applications and suggests the best-fit candidates for a specific job profile. Core features include job advertising, candidate sourcing, candidate management, team collaboration, candidate messaging, interview management, and reporting and analytics.

    Starting Price: $50.00/month
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    Codility Icon



    Codility is a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers assess their candidates' skills by testing their code online.

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    Vervoe Icon



    AI-POWERED SKILL TESTING Vervoe is an intelligent hiring platform that uncovers hidden talent through real-world tests, tasks and tools designed by leading industry experts. Giving you the unfair advantage, and a dazzling level of insight, through data that reveals the real contenders and gives everyone a chance to shine. With Vervoe, you won’t waste time deciding who to interview, and then meet the wrong people, or miss out on the hidden gems. Instead of worrying about how to interview less people, skip screening and evaluate every candidate simultaneously. Make hiring decisions with confidence, even for roles you’re not an expert in, by replacing traditional interviews with Talent Trials designed by leading experts. Deliver an amazing and memorable candidate experience. Every candidate gets a chance to show what they can do, and candidates always know where they stand and what to expect.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month
  • 10 Icon

    Find the right candidates for your open positions with Postings, a cloud-based job posting software for small to mid-sized businesses. Postings offers businesses the tools to make better hiring decisions; thus, saving time and money. With Postings, businesses can quickly create job postings which are then sent to hundreds of job boards, gather the best candidates, perform background checks, and more. The platform also includes tools for creating custom email and text campaigns, creating interview questions, setting resume and interview targets, and more.

    Starting Price: $169.00/month/user
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    Qualified Icon



    Coding assessments that developers love. Objectively assess software engineers based on coding samples with real world relevance. Qualified lets developers show off their best work. Your engineers should be focused on writing code, not reviewing assessments. Give your developers their day back and save an average to $22,750 per hire. Our assessment methodology lets developers work in a comfortable environment where they can best show off their programming abilities. Don't rely on resumes, algorithmic puzzles, and guesswork—use our developer assessments to test on-the-job skills.

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    ENGAGE Icon


    ENGAGE Talent

    Engage, Recruit, and Retain Your Most Valuable Talent. Actionable market analytics, predictive trends, and competitive intelligence for the most demanding markets. Discover new passive candidate pools and be the first to engage them, at the right time, with the right message. Focus your talent engagement and retention using predictive external listening and retention risk analytics. ENGAGE is the world’s first AI-powered platform to combine Talent Mapping, Competitive Intelligence, Passive Candidate Engagement, Outbound Recruiting, and Web Listening in one brilliant Talent Recruitment and Engagement engine. ENGAGE enables active recruiters to efficiently engage over 100 million passive candidates or enrich their own CRM and ATS candidates with predictive, AI-based insights. ENGAGE continuously monitors your candidates and alerts you with predictive availability signals when a candidate is likely ready for a new opportunity.

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    Zoho Recruit Icon

    Zoho Recruit


    The team at Zoho has done it again, by delivering a state-of-the-art platform called Zoho Recruit; a fun and intuitive solution for Sourcing, Tracking, and Hiring. The beautifully designed dashboard gives admins the power to do -one-click Job Posts across multiple platforms, job boards, websites, and social networks. Then the Parsing Tool empowers you to filter actual qualifying candidates from Emails and Web sites. Candidates can are given unique logins access to allow easy data capture and streamlined communication. In addition, the entire app is mobile friendly for both, the admin user and candidate, making it even easier to upload, communicate, and complete tasks.

    Starting Price: $25.00/month/user
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    BrightMove Recruiting Software Icon

    BrightMove Recruiting Software


    Source applicants and engage and hire qualified candidates with BrightMove, an on-demand recruiting software built for small staffing firms, recruitment process outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments. BrightMove is the first usage-based hiring software that enables businesses to win the right talent. It offers power search capabilities, sourcing tools, email integration, SMS messaging, social media integration, CRM capabilities, robust reporting and analytics, and more.

    Starting Price: $7.50/month/user
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    JobAdder Icon


    Job Adder

    JobAdder is a global recruitment platform built for staffing agency and in-house recruiters. Used by over 10,000 people every day, JobAdder creates a massive competitive advantage for recruiters by allowing them to spend less time using technology, and more time building face-to-face relationships. Built for staffing agency and in-house corporate recruiters alike - all jobs, candidates, communication and tasks are streamlined through JobAdder’s user-friendly, customisable dashboard. An entirely cloud-based system, the modern user has total flexibility to recruit on the go from any mobile device. JobAdder’s diverse job posting functionality allows the recruiter to post job ads to over 200 job boards and social media platforms, while Customer Support Pirates are on hand 24/6 to answer any queries along the way via phone, email and Live Chat.

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    Breezy HR Icon

    Breezy HR

    Breezy HR

    Breezy is the fun-to-use applicant tracking system that turns your messy hiring hacks into a pain-free process candidates love. Hiring doesn't have to be messy. Say Sayonara! to the stacks of resumes cluttering up your workspace and let Breezy help you find your next A-player. With Breezy, you can automate your time-sucking hiring tasks with tools like talent search, automated SMS and custom candidate scorecards that help you find that best-fit needle in the haystack. Plus, as the top-rated ATS on Capterra, Breezy is as fun to use as your favorite app.

    Starting Price: $149.00/month
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    TriSys Recruitment Software Icon

    TriSys Recruitment Software

    TriSys Business Software

    TriSys Recruitment Software is an intuitive recruitment workflow automation system for agencies of all sizes. Utilized by the world's most demanding recruitment agencies, TriSys Recruitment Software delivers unparalleled workflow automation for permanent, contract, and temporary recruitment. With TriSys Recruitment Software, you can easily manage your clients, candidates, requirements, placements, and timesheets, from anywhere with the use of any device. Key features include calendar automation, synchronize emails and calendars, reports, online client/candidate portals, LinkedIn integration, website integration, and more.

  • 18
    Recruit CRM Icon

    Recruit CRM

    Recruit CRM

    Recruit CRM Builds Software For Small & Growing Executive Search Firms, Headhunting Firms & Recruitment Agencies. Do Everything from Managing Applicants to Generating Invoices in One Place. Recruit CRM allows you to work together without juggling between email client, CRM & ATS. See what your teammates are emailing to candidates & contacts, assign different roles to your teammates within an organization.

    Starting Price: $40.00/month/user
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    VCV Digital Recruiter Icon

    VCV Digital Recruiter


    VCV is an AI-powered platform that facilitates hiring process for companies making it more ethical, smart and fast by preliminary selection of resumes, conducting automated screening calls and video interviews with face and voice recognition. VCV is a tool that is already practiced by the world’s biggest brands like Unilever, Mars, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Japan Tobacco International, British American Tobacco etc. VCV is a great opportunity to get a full image of a candidate, assess and evaluate his/her candidacy before an actual interview. The advantages of the platform are the following: all in remote format with no scheduling and cancellations, watching recorded videos anytime and anywhere. You can ask any questions, set up any time for preparation and see how a candidate responds in order to decide whether the candidate meets the requirements of the company. You can also communicate with candidates using chat and voice bots and test their skills.

    Starting Price: $50/month
  • 20
    VidCruiter Icon



    VidCruiter, a cloud-based applicant tracking platform, assists businesses to manage their recruitment operations. Digital and nontraditional, VidCruiter allows recruiters to conduct video interviews that helps them asses candidates based on qualitative data. VidCruiter allows multiple interviewers and provides them with a structured workflow to keep the process uniform. VidCruiter is also accessible via iOS and Android devices.

  • 21
    Codingame Assessment Icon

    Codingame Assessment


    Take your developer sourcing, screening and retention to the next level. Codingame For Work is the all-in-one, powerfull and easy-to-use platform for tech hiring.

    Starting Price: 249$
  • 22
    TRAFFIT Icon



    Traffit is THE cloud-based applicant tracking system for HR departments and recruitment agencies. Its features allow for the electronic handling of every step of the recruitment process - from publishing job advertisements, managing applications, and analyzing performance via detailed reports, to communicating with and winning the best candidates. Traffit offers several different integration opportunities such as email, calendar, and social media - and an API that allows for exchanging data between systems. Traffit also includes the Career Page Generator - a tool that allows for the announcement of current vacancies on company websites without engaging the IT team. Traffit is fully compliant with the GDPR, and as such it's trusted by a growing number of successful companies - both corporate and small business. Traffit saves you time, effort, and money. To sign up for a 14-day free trial with no commitment or credit card required, visit!

    Starting Price: $49 per month
  • 23
    Crelate Talent Icon

    Crelate Talent


    Crelate is an all-in-one recruiting software for professional recruiters as well as for internal corporate recruiting teams. Trusted by over 1,000 staffing and recruiting agency customers, Crelate combines candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, recruitment marketing, email and messaging, candidate portal, and data insights tools in one powerful but easy to use platform. Crelate comes in four feature-packed and affordable subscription plans.

    Starting Price: $55.00/month/user
  • 24
    iSmartRecruit Icon



    Screening Hive is a video interview software that helps you to hire the candidates quickly. Screening hive is the robust and affordable online video interview tool for the staffing organization and employers to streamline the hiring process.

  • 25
    The Predictive Index Icon

    The Predictive Index

    The Predictive Index

    The talent optimization platform. The Predictive Index (PI) empowers business leaders to hire top talent, design winning teams, and manage people brilliantly. Shift into a higher gear with talent optimization software, workshops, and expert consulting. PI gives you tools and guidance to design a talent strategy that aligns with your business strategy—for incredible results. Skyrocket employee engagement. Tired of operating at half capacity? We’ll show you how to build magical teams and inspire your people to perform at their highest levels. The Predictive Index empowers leaders to use talent optimization software and people data insights to reach their business goals. Take the PI Behavioral Assessment and start to see how your company could benefit from behavioral insight.

  • 26
    myInterview Icon



    Video and AI are the next big thing in HR Tech and recruiting. myInterview is disrupting recruitment technology and taking it to the next level with a best-in-class video interviewing platform enabled with predictive analytics, designed to put personality back into the hiring process and streamline the work of recruiters. We are the only solution to offer: - Netflix style playback and recommendations - improving your candidate’s experience and giving an amazing first impression of your brand. - Custom-built tech that integrates with your systems in just one hour. We didn’t recycle or reuse someone else’s tech, so it’s dependable, modern, and trusted by top agencies and brands. - Data insights with myInterview Intelligence™ - our AI-driven predictive analytics with a ‘glass-box approach’ to AI. Optimize your hiring funnel with hard data.

    Starting Price: $149.00/month
  • 27
    TrackerRMS Icon



    For all your sales and recruiting needs, turn to TrackerRMS. TrackerRMS is a premier, cloud-based all-in-one recruitment and sales CRM solution. Perfect for all kinds of staffing and consulting businesses, TrackerRMS helps firms grow by creating better relationships. From applicant sourcing and placement to employee onboarding, TrackerRMS streamlines the entire recruitment workflow, increasing recruiter, candidate, and client success.

    Starting Price: $80.00/month/user
  • 28
    Recruiterflow Icon



    Automate candidate outreach, and organize sourcing and recruiting processes with Recruiterflow, a recruitment software. Recruiterflow enables users to create talent pipelines with social sourcing browser plugins, branded careers, and more. Recruiterflow allows users to easily run drip email campaigns based on rules. Recruiterflow features API support, customizable application process, built in multimedia support, and mobile and SEO compatibility.

    Starting Price: $49.00/month
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    Bullhorn Recruiting Software Icon

    Bullhorn Recruiting Software


    Automate every part of the recruiting lifecycle with Bullhorn, a best-in-class recruiting software and applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruitment and staffing agencies. A feature-packed and easy to use platform, Bullhorn helps organizations increase job orders, cut down time-to-fill, and complete up to 43% job placements. The platform features email integration, dashboard reporting, mobile recruiting, Linkedin, Gmail, and Outlook integration, recruitment CRM, onboarding, and back-office tools.

    Starting Price: $99.00/month/user
  • 30
    RIVS Digital Interviewing Icon

    RIVS Digital Interviewing


    RIVS Interviewing Suite is an all-in-one software solution designed to manage a company’s interviewing needs in order to improve quality of hire and reduce time-to-hire and costs associated with interviewing. Simple and web-based, RIVS Interviewing Suite helps small and large recruitment teams and human resource (HR) professionals and managers to discover top talent and minimize the time required to qualify and screen candidates. Key features include live video interviews, auto-scheduling, pre-recorded one-way interviews, customizable dashboard and reporting, screen sharing, feedback management, candidate portal, and more.

  • 31
    Arithon Icon


    Matchmaker Software

    Arithon is simple and easy to use applicant tracking and recruitment software designed for both recruiting agencies and HR departments Arithon offers powerful and adaptive workflow, publish Jobs to job Boards, bulk Import and parse CVs/resumes, create custom reports, send and track emails, send SMS/Text messages, advanced search, create hotlists, create custom designed email templates

    Starting Price: $65.00/month/user
  • 32
    Applicant2Hire Icon



    Manage and recruit qualified applicants effortlessly with Applicant2Hire, a cloud-based applicant tracking system. Applicant2Hire enable users to check candidate background, track candidates, make schedules for interviews, post on job boards, allow candidates to fill out forms online, and search for requisitions. With Applicant2Hire, recruitment and hiring can be done with ease.

    Starting Price: $1495.00/one-time
  • 33
    5QLive Icon



    5QLive is a one way video interviewing, live video conferencing platform which includes written candidate assessments. 5QLive's single aim is to help organisations achieve their hiring goals in the fastest, most personalised and easiest way possible using video interviews. With video interviews, companies can identify talented candidates quickly, universities can screen students more accurately, and job seekers can proactively create video profiles for their job applications. 5QLive is suitable for anyone with interviewing requirements: hiring managers, recruitment agencies, government departments and for university admissions. There are no apps to download empowering simple and instant access anywhere.

    Starting Price: $55.00/month
  • 34
    C-Factor Icon


    The Talent Games

    C-factor is the flagship product of The Talent Games that is a syndicated recruitment platform, where different companies can own a piece of land. Using C-Factor, organizations tend to enhance their employer brand, increase their talent pool, reduce the cost to hire and provide superior candidate experience. The best thing about C-Factor as a recruitment platform is that you can assess an unlimited number of candidates. Organizations can utilize the database of sourced candidates and also access the assessment database of up to 20 competencies.

  • 35
    Greenhouse Icon


    Greenhouse Software

    Win at hiring top talent with Greenhouse, the fastest-growing applicant tracking system and recruiting software. Trusted by leading innovative companies such as airbnb, Evernote, and Pinterest, Greenhouse lets teams scout for qualified candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and develop data-driven hiring decisions. In addition to offering recruiting tools, Greenhouse helps organizations build stronger teams with its onboarding, CRM and events, and inclusion tool.

    Starting Price: $5900.00/year
  • 36
    Recruiterbox Icon



    Attract top talents to your growing business with Recruiterbox, an easy to use applicant tracking system. Trusted by over 2,000 companies, Recruiterbox makes it easy for recruitment teams to address hiring challenges. The platform is completely web-based, comes with an intuitive interface, and offers a wealth of features to make attracting, evaluating, and hiring candidates easy. Top features include customizable career sites, one-click posting to free and paid job boards, collaboration and interview tools, APIs and integration.

    Starting Price: $250.00/month
  • 37
    iCIMS Recruit Icon

    iCIMS Recruit


    Find and hire only the best talent for your company with iCIMS Recruit, a robust applicant tracking and talent acquisition software. iCIMS Recruit empowers recruiters to streamline the recruitment management process by offering tools for tracking applications, simplifying job postings, engaging candidates, and encouraging employee referrals. This helps recruitment teams to save time, get hiring manager feedback on-the-go, and monitor key recruitment metrics.

  • 38
    PCRecruiter Icon


    Main Sequence Technology, Inc.

    PCRecruiter by Main Sequence Technology is an innovative recruiting software and applicant tracking system. Ideal for internal recruitment teams as well as third-party staffing agencies, PCRecruiter combines recruitment, HR sourcing, RPO, and staffing solutions in one system. It can be used as a central database, content manager, and communication tool. The platform also integrates with Outlook as well as job and employer portals.

    Starting Price: $85.00/month/user
  • 39
    RIVS Interview Solutions Icon

    RIVS Interview Solutions


    RIVS is a web-based video interviewing software that empowers hiring managers and recruitment teams to find the top talents while reducing time to hire. This cutting-edge digital interviewing platform provides organizations a SaaS-based technology to make the job search and interviewing process less burdensome for candidates. By leveraging RIVS, you can effectively screen and select applicants to improve the quality of hire and lessen the costs associated with interviewing.

    Starting Price: $3000.00/year/user
  • 40 Icon

    GoodTime is an Interview Logistics Platform that uses AI and automation to make interviews effective. It provides efficient scheduling, improves the interview experience for candidates and hiring managers, diversifies interview panels, and provides actionable metrics for talent leaders. It is revolutionizing the way companies like Airbnb, Box, Dropbox, Shopify, Twitch and Stripe recruit and hire the best candidates. The San Francisco based company is backed by investors from Big Basin Capital, Alchemist Accelerator, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Yahoo, Tripit, and Udemy. To learn more or request a demo, visit

  • 41
    Talentwunder Icon



    Find skilled talent online with Talentwunder, a global talent search engine. Talentwunder has over 1.6 billion profiles and more than 100 networks for recruiters and talent acquisition teams to choose from. With Talentwunder, users are able to search through all networks using Boolean Search Operators and allow collaboration with their teams for the entire sourcing process.

    Starting Price: $390.00/month/user
  • 42
    HireRight Icon



    HireRight helps more than 40,000 companies hire great talent, from small businesses across every industry to nearly half of the Fortune 100. Many of the world's most innovative and successful organizations trust HireRight for our technologically advanced, industry-leading products and superior customer service.

  • 43
    Kwantek Icon



    In high-turnover industries, hiring managers are often tempted to hire anyone with reliable transportation and a desire to work. Hasty hiring decisions place candidates in jobs that don't fit their working style, resulting in extremely high retention rates. Kwantek's proprietary Working Style Assessment helps you match candidates to the perfect position and improve long-term retention. Kwantek is built for wide reach on the largest job boards in the world right down to job boards unique to your industry. Increase the number of overall job prospects to your job postings. Our industry-specific hiring assessments help you identify which candidates belong in which positions. Find out which candidates are better suited for event work, day shift, night shift, and more. Avoid the pitfalls of the ever-changing world of government compliance in your employee on-boarding process.

  • 44
    Mighty Recruiter Icon

    Mighty Recruiter


    MightyRecruiter is a complete suite solution that narrows down the large pool of applicants in order to find the right candidates. Using their propriety database that holds over 16-million job seekers, recruiters can expedite the searching results by inputting multiple or single jobs offer by utilizing the 1-click posting feature. Candidate Tracking, Interview Scheduling, and Resume Parsing are some of the options that users have to help identify the perfect candidate.

  • 45
    Arya by Leoforce Icon

    Arya by Leoforce


    The Arya recruiting platform from Leoforce layers artificial intuition on top of predictive analytics and proprietary machine learning models to automate the process of sourcing, qualifying, and engaging job candidates. Arya empowers recruiting organizations to analyze multi-dimensional individuals, unlock historical insights, and truly understand people. This enables those in talent acquisition to focus on what they do best—build quality relationships with ideal candidates.

  • 46
    JobDiva Icon



    JobDiva is the leading applicant tracking system (ATS), sourcing, and front-to-back talent management software solution. As a complete software as a service (SaaS) solution, JobDiva combines customer relationship management (CRM) application, vendor management system (VMS), major job boards, BI analytics, automated 24/7 resume harvesting, and more. The solution supports multiple browsers and platforms and provides training to current and new users, live technical support, and enhancement webinars.

  • 47
    Comeet Icon



    See the #1 applicant tracking tool in action! Comeet is software to optimize your recruiting process end to end. Find the best candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. Learn more at: If you're using an ATS now compare us and you will be amazed at how we help you transform your hiring and recruiting process.

  • 48
    Jobbio Icon



    Jobbio is a unique platform that combines the power of an ATS with a modern talent-oriented job board. We firmly believe that talent are not mere pieces of paper, thus Jobbio provides talent with a dashboard to create a professional live bio to be filled with their personal and professional stories, technical skills, work experiences, and portfolio projects. Companies can successfully create an Employer Brand channel to showcase their values, culture, perks and benefits, as well as a list of job vacancies to apply for. Hiring managers can select, shortlist and message candidates directly on Jobbio with an easy to use mobile and desktop dashboard. Candidates can also be added into a talent pool to be considered for future roles.

    Starting Price: Talk to us for a quote
  • 49
    Rakuna Recruit Icon

    Rakuna Recruit


    Rakuna is an innovative on-demand campus and event recruiting platform that focuses on streamlining recruiting operation and recruiting marketing for employers. Our mission is to help companies acquire one of their most important talent resources – campus hires, more efficiently, by empowering recruiters to get away from administrative burdens, and connect with, market to, manage, and cultivate relationships with prospective candidates – the Millennial generation - in a simple and meaningful way. Our vision is to be the leading college recruitment technology solutions provider for employers. With our technology solution, we empower employers to hire the best next wave of talent. Rakuna offers a complete suite of services for campus recruiters to streamline their operations and boost efficiency. Our solution suites include a Recruit Mobile App and Web dashboard, Event Management, Recruiting CRM, and Interview Management.

    Starting Price: $500.00/one-time/user
  • 50
    StaffingSoft - Recruiting Software Icon

    StaffingSoft - Recruiting Software


    StaffingSoft’s Recruiting Software is purpose-built for recruiters and human resources professionals. As an enterprise-level applicant tracking system, StaffingSoft delivers a full suite of tools that effectively integrates and streamlines retention, talent recruiting, and management of candidates, external vendors, and employees globally. With StaffingSoft’s Recruiting Software, you can eliminate time-consuming processes that include job posting, candidate screening, and data entry in order to focus more time on hiring quality talents.

    Starting Price: $85.00/month/user